ZOMBIES pt 2: The Split Shell Chronicles

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HELLOOOO beautiful apes!

Have a new theory on why these zombies are coming back to life.

But first, take a look at this chart:

r/Superstonk - ZOMBIES pt 2: The Split Shell Chronicles

If you had to guess which “meme” stock this is, what’s your first guess?

insert censored tickers: **? ***? ****?


r/Superstonk - ZOMBIES pt 2: The Split Shell Chronicles

Okay okay lmao it squeezed to like 3 bucks because it had a 1-10,000 split recently (07/01/2021) and that’s shown backwards on the chart. And that’s why it says 30k.

Now. Why is this relevant?

Well first of all, this is proof that the “RETAIL BUYING FRENZY STARTED BY REDDIT IN JANUARY” narrative is false because this pattern was in 2017.

But one obvious way it relates to GME is when it squeezed in February:

r/Superstonk - ZOMBIES pt 2: The Split Shell Chronicles

That’s the thing about these zombies. They be squeezing all at the same time in February. And start moving new volume all at the same time starting last month.

A few wrinkle brains who wish to not be named helped me find some things. And we came to a consensus that.. well wait before I get into that part I wanna just give you some more data and maybe you’ll come to the same conclusion before I spill those beans.

This stock is TTSID which had a 1-400 split on 08/31/2021

r/Superstonk - ZOMBIES pt 2: The Split Shell Chronicles

It started squeezing on March 26th 2021 and peaked on April 7th.

The only place this stock is traded is Gre Tai Securities market. Ie. Taiwan

I seem to remember hearing something about an Asian hedgefund getting margin called on.. what was the date? *Googles*


“The first sign of trouble came on March 26 when Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley began selling large blocks of shares for a client who had missed a margin call – a demand for more collateral to cover losses on trades that had gone awry. The stocks that were dumped are categorized as “second-tier tech”, and included Chinese search engine Baidu and American media conglomerate ViacomCBS. Their prices crashed under heavy selling pressure with the price of ViacomCBS shares, for instance, falling by more than 33%.

By Sunday, March 28th, news emerged that the client was Archegos.

On Monday, March 29th, Credit Suisse said it was in the process of liquidating the positions of a client that had defaulted on margin calls, and that the related losses would be “material”. Unofficial estimates put these losses at $3bn-4bn. Nomura, a Japanese bank, said that it was on the hook for about $2bn, possibly more if stock prices fell further. “

So we can directly correlate the collapse of Archegos with the jump of this stock. Same day. Same time frame Credit Suisse was going through their shit. Could this have been a short they bought back? Hmm.. maybe. I don’t think so.

Let’s instead look at some more weird shit before I say why:

Here’s another February Squeeze and 1-150 split on 08/27/2021


r/Superstonk - ZOMBIES pt 2: The Split Shell Chronicles

Jan and Feb Squeeze, 1-135 split 08/23/2021


r/Superstonk - ZOMBIES pt 2: The Split Shell Chronicles

Feb Squeeze, 1-1000 split on 08/20/2021

r/Superstonk - ZOMBIES pt 2: The Split Shell Chronicles

Jan 26th Squeeze, 1-100 split on 08/04/2021


r/Superstonk - ZOMBIES pt 2: The Split Shell Chronicles

Jan and Feb Squeeeeeeeeze, 1-100 split on 07/26/2021

r/Superstonk - ZOMBIES pt 2: The Split Shell Chronicles

Jinkies guyyys, this sure seems like what those kids call a “pattern”.

I don’t think that Credit Suisse was buying back shorts, I think some other kinda fuckery is going on because these have the same pattern but erupt before Archegos fell.

Well let’s rewind and go back to that first one. MMEX.

r/Superstonk - ZOMBIES pt 2: The Split Shell Chronicles

Here’s some DD about MMEX:


“Here’s an article from May 2017 talking about how MMEX is a shell company with no assets and “we do not currently have the cash resources to meet our operating commitments for the next 12 months” the company said.

First line of article: ‘An Austin-based company that announced plans Tuesday to raise $450 million to build a new refinery in West Texas warned investors that it had a total of $3,335 of cash on hand and that it’s finances were shaky, according to its most recent public disclosures last year’

‘It’s ability to continue as “an ongoing concern” was entirely dependent on its ability to raise capital from other investors, the company said at the time.’”

“Of note, the company has a division named MMEX Solar Generation & Transmission. “We are generating and transmitting solar power to the Pecos Refining & Transport LLC 10,000 barre-per-day crude distillation unit.” Note the present tense. “We are…”. No, because the Pecos Refinery doesn’t exist. It was supposed to start construction in 2017. An press release February 8th 2021 by MMEX said they had selected finance companies for the project.

Every photo I’ve seen of this is empty shrubland. Here’s an article with a photo of Jack talking to a congressman while standing in said land type while someone holds badly designed photos of the proposed project


Summary: if you invest in this company you are literally investing in nothing.”


Lmao here’s the picture he was talking about. It’s so funny. Dude’s literally in an empty field trying to convince investors to give him 450M for some crayons.

r/Superstonk - ZOMBIES pt 2: The Split Shell Chronicles

Someday Simba, this whole field will be yours. For 450 million dollars. It’s a great deal. Get in on the ground floor, Simba. GET IN ON THE GROUND FLOOR!!!!

Take a look at this:


Before the squeeze they decided to break their shares into class A and B

Class A shares at 1 vote per share. The class B ones had 10 votes per share.

“As of January 31, 2017, we had current assets of $82, comprised of cash, and current liabilities of $2,397,210, resulting in a working capital deficit and a total stockholders’ deficit of $2,397,128”

They were paying people in shares and making them feel special with the Class B shares that had extra rights.

They went from 3 billion in shares to 10 billion when the underlying company had 82 fucking dollars in assets.

What they up to now?

They just released a statement:


“has completed additional site acquisitions of 324 acres for its West Texas projects, bringing its total land ownership to 450 acres.”

Lmaooo still they haven’t done shit except buy land and make announcements. Press releases to dupe some investor into giving them hundreds of millions of dollars to buy more land and make more press releases with footers like:

The following constitutes a “Safe Harbor” statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: Except for the historical information contained herein, the matters discussed in this press release are forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties, which could cause our actual results to differ materially from those described in the forward looking statements. These risks include but are not limited to the Company’s ability to continue as a going concern, our lack of revenues, general business conditions, the requirement to obtain significant financing to pursue our business plan, our history of operating losses and other risks detailed from time to time in the Company’s SEC reports. In particular, readers should note MMEX undertakes no obligation to update forward-looking statements.

OKAY so what have we learned so far about MMEX? It’s a company that does absolutely nothing but shady shit.

And this company that does shady shit had it’s stock squeeze in the exact pattern as the so called “Meme stocks” but in 2017. Which means this fuckery algorithm goes back further than we thought originally. How many others like this can we find? How much further back? 2015? 2010? the 90s?

And it squeezed in February 2021. Just like the other OTC stockies. And just like those other stockies, it had a stock split recently.

Why am I going so hard on the DD for MMEX specifically?

Well to show that this company has absolutely no problem doing shady shit. And it’s obviously connected to GME in some way based on the chart. I wanted to make the “shady shit” connection more than anything. Because up till now we’ve had legit reasons for things that just seem shady.

Nah these dudes play pretty shady af, it’s obvious. They have no assets, just a bunch of land and bullshit statements. It’s the poster child for a shell corporation being used for money laundering.

I’m starting to think maybe in my last post I overlooked something important.

Remember Park Vida?

It’s almost the same situation as MMEX.

They got land deals, proposed to do certain shit and just never did it.


From Park Vida’s FB:


“ParkVida, located on the edge of a national park in the foothills of Pico Duarte (Dominican Republic’s tallest peak), is destined to become the next best adventure eco resort. Imagine waking up in your own private bungalow nestled on the hillside, with vista’s to die for. Soothe yourself into the laid back lifestyle with a spa or fill your day with activities ranging from downhill mountain biking, hiking, fishing and quad biking. Learn all about coffee growing, cooking delicious local food and learning a little about the culture and giving back to nature.

There will be plenty more, but you’ll have to stay tuned in to find out what’s happening as the development progresses…watch this space and we will keep posting updates. 


I don’t believe in coincidences. The fact that we have two examples of almost the same situation within a company where they bought land (so they say) and made big plans to do stuff, but never did it.. AND their charts correlate with GME… What if they were created for the sole purpose of being used in this scam?

What if Shitadel and friends create fake shell corporations so it can get listed and be added to a pile of stocks they fuck around with?

And that got me thinking.. What if they use VC firms to do shit like this too. Fund the company, put sleeper agents on the board, run the company to the ground, short the shit out of it, bankruptcy, never close shorts. Rinse and repeat. The initial seed investment would be nothing compared to the profit they would make if they let the stock run and short the shit out of it. (Cough Robinhood Cough)

But that’s a rabbit hole for another day.

I really think these splits are important.

Granted, Park Vida never had a stock split. But… Keep an eye on it. Maybe it will. If Park Vida randomly has a stock split in the next month or so, then that’s further proof. But it’s just one of many many many OTC zombie stocks that are following the same sort of pattern.

And I don’t have the time to look into every single company like this. So I would invite ya’ll to try and dig up the dirt from this: https://eoddata.com/splits.aspx and make your own posts like this so we can expose more shady shit.

Now that we got that out of the way…

I feel a wrinkle forming, I just can’t put my finger on it. There’s a connection here. There has to be.

Why the splits? What is so important about these damned splits?

And what could it have to do with margin calls?

Okay let’s play it out in our heads.

I’m a Hedge Fund. I’ve massively shorted Gamestop to the point where the entire economy is at risk. But more importantly, my ability to eat at fancy restaurants and do coke off hookers asses is at risk.

My task is to do everything as shady as possible to keep being able to do coke off hookers asses.

If I’m constantly at risk of being margin called…

What do I need the most?


r/Superstonk - ZOMBIES pt 2: The Split Shell Chronicles

We know all the other shit they’re doing. But what the fuck is the connection between the Zombies and Marge?

r/Superstonk - ZOMBIES pt 2: The Split Shell Chronicles

OTC Zombie Marge limited edition NFT coming soon to a GME marketplace near you lmao

I neeeeeed liquidity. So what if I held long positions in some of these OTC zombie stockies in some way instead of a short. Through a swap or a Cayman Islands 1940 Investment Company Act fuckery so no one would know it’s me.

Would a stock split help me in some way? I would have a lot more shares. That’s kinda cool. But they’re all valued at the same price as they were before the split. So what’s the point?

What if I could lie about the value of these stocks. Could that help me?

Oooh what if.. I could cause a stock split, giving me more shares and then somehow raise the value of the stocks by lying about them. AND lie about when I sold them too.

Like GME for example, hypothetically what if somehow I could lie that I had 100 times the shares I have now, and also say I sold during the baby gamma squeeze in January. That would be sick, right?

But it’s impossible. The past is the past. What broker will allow that? And who would pay me? It would serve no other purpose except to… look good on paper.

Well.. if I needed liquidity so super bad, and all I had to do was show on paper I have a bunch of money so I don’t get margin called.. This might work. For one more day at least.

But darn it, these stupid rules of the stock market prevent me from doing such a thing.


“§270.0-2 General requirements of papers and applications.”


§270.2a-1 Valuation of portfolio securities in special cases.


§270.2a-5 Fair value determination and readily available market quotations.

But what if I were exempt from them? Wasn’t there a big DD about being exempt from them not too long ago?

Oh yeah there was:

Yeah theoretically if I were exempt from all these rules, I would be able to pull this off.

Maybe not lying about when they sold them, that’s just a random idea that I feel might have holes I have yet to think of, but definitely lying about the value of them.

And that’s my theory on one of the many reasons why the Zombies are coming back to life.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk. Tip your waitresses. No seriously, this company called Citadel fucked up her life by shorting the company she works for. She’s gonna lose her job. Tip the fucking waitress.

Disclaimer: I’m kind of an idiot, so idk if I’m right or wrong. But it seems to me that all of this is plausible. And it raises more questions and opens more paths of investigation. I could be SO totally way offffff about 99% of this. But 1% I’m right about sparks some thought into someone who goes and figures something else out. It’s a trial and error process of finding patterns, speculating, and sharing.

TL;DR ONE of the many reasons Citadel could be using some of the OTC Zombies is by lying about their value to have fake liquidity for the books with stock splits and rule exemptions to value at w/e they want and file what ever they want whenever they want.

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