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Updates – Last updated 3rd May @ 06:15 EST

I’ve taken a much-needed break from updates and am back at it today – got a backlog of hunted DD to include. Check back for a big update.

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Current main FUD tactics

  • Thousands of account raiding threads with up/downvotes, awards and spam
  • Divide and conquer working
  • Flooding other subs with bullshit – including conspiracy crap – trying to wear us out. Put on your bullshit-filter spectacles
  • Shill recruitment: Paying $100/post for FUD
  • Attempting to associate the sub to any form of group (political/religous/etc) to discredit and separate us
  • Downvoting bots attacking trending in ‘Hot’
  • Urging not to transfer to a better broker – some brokers allow you to sell in limbo so call up each broker and ask yourself to see if it’s possible
  • the usual psychological attacks – do we even get these anymore?

πŸ’Ž The List πŸ’Ž

Double-check, verify everything you read and trust nothing blindly. Few posts have 0 speculation, and most of which have a degree of misinformation. Stay vigilant and don’t gobble anything up for the truth without questioning everything.

Index of List

πŸ’Ž Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th April

All you need to know about 14A Proxy Statement & Voting

The above took precedence and I haven’t updated the list with DDs – will be working on this next

Short-seller Panic

Market Crash

Share Ownership & Float Calculations

Market Manipulation & FTDs


Wed 21th – Thur 22nd April (Updated Completed 30th April 21:40 EST)

FTDs & T+21 cycles – taking a deep dive into it this week

Protecting yourself

Company Info




Market Manipulation & Dark Pools:


Market Crash / Economic Crisis

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