Ceiling Boxed. The MOASS is upon us. For real.

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Hello beautiful apes,

I have some things to share with you that I feel we need to internalize as a community. This is not hopium, and it is not FUD.

This is somewhere in the middle. Giving a realistic perspective on what’s actually going on. And it is important that we grasp the severity of the real situation so no one gets trapped anymore.

And the real reason why MOASS is finally upon us. No hype baiting, no calls to action, no dates.

Just sharing my perspective with some strong opinions, speculation, a fun story, and some pictures of charts.

There are 3 sections.

Section 1: Addressing today

Section 2: Story / Thought Experiment

Section 3: Review of charts with lessons learned.

Let’s get into it.

Section 1: Addressing today

I know today sucked. I’m mad that I was right. I was hoping it wouldn’t be a rug pull. I was hoping the subtle call to action with a time sensitivity that came out of nowhere promising the moon if you do this one thing… would be true.

But we need to learn from this.

I posted 2 posts prior to this one saying to be skeptical about it.

But because neither post went with the narrative being spun, it didn’t get any traction. I tried to warn to be cautious of the options trap.

My only thought was.. this looks too perfect. It has to be a trap.

Because MOASS will just fucking happen.. It won’t be laid out on the charts. It won’t be a subtle bread crumb that we find. It won’t be predictable. Someone’s not going to come out of nowhere and say “GUYS LOOK AT THIS THING I FOUND IN THE CHART AND IT WILL HAPPEN ON THIS DAY AND ONLY THIS DAY BECAUSE XYZ”…

It will be a sudden violent shift up. It will be a fucking Tsunami that hits everyone by surprise. It will be an asteroid in the dark. A black hole that swallows the entire financial sector and there’s not a damned thing they can do to stop it. And not a damned thing any one of us, neither individually nor collectively can do to make it happen any faster.

The only thing I as an individual investor can do to secure the investment that I believe in, is to buy, hold and make sure that share is in my fucking name by direct registering it. That’s all. Nothing else.

Options.. somebody show me one law that states MM must hedge with shares which drives a gamma squeeze?

Someone show me a law that states the calls being exercised must be purchased on a lit exchange, and can not be a synthetic fake share that they internalized?

BY ALL MEANS if you want to buy calls, and exercise them.. Go for it. That is your right as an investor. Make your bets. And exercise your rights if you feel inclined.

But make sure those shares are DRS’d once you receive them. Because if you’re exercising with the idea that it will create a gamma squeeze, that won’t happen. Not when they control the whole system.

This whole game, the system of rules and regulations and agencies to protect investors and the media are all controlled by them. They are created by them, for them.

The call battle was lost today due to people trading options on emotions. Not logic.

They used emotions to bait people into buying calls and pulled the rug from under them.


If you’re brand new to this game, this story will help you understand what’s really going on behind the scenes and realize that the game is already won and there’s nothing we can do except BUY, HODL and DRS.

And here’s why I believe that:

Section 2: Story / Thought experiment

Let’s imagine a group of con artists comes up with a game. A game that they designed to make themselves money.

In this game you have two teams.

The group of con artists, and the suckers.

In order for the con artists to make money, they need suckers to play the game.

Let’s call this game “The Long Con”.

A game that goes on forever as long as there is a sucker to play it.

The game is simple. The suckers give the con artists money. And the con artists pretend they took it fairly.

If some suckers realize it’s rigged and move on, no big deal because as long as there are enough new suckers to entice, the game can literally be played forever.

This game must appear fair, else the sucker would not play it initially.

Why would you play a game that you know is rigged?

So the con artists devise rules and regulations and sets up traps for the suckers.

What happens if the sucker figures out the game actually is rigged?

Well the sucker might consider finding loopholes in the rules of the game to create a fair advantage. The sucker might realize that if they force the con artist to play by the rules set out, the sucker turns into a winner overnight.

So the con artists figure out that the suckers are on to them.

At this point, what is the most logical thing for the con artist team to do?

Change the fucking rules. Duh.

But they can’t just completely change the rules because that is basically the con artist team admitting:

“We’re conning you, it’s all a big sham, all of us are in on it”

So instead they create confusing changes and block out access to data, and PRETEND to play fair so that the suckers continue to play the game.

They get their friends to dress up like the suckers to infiltrate and create confusion. They pay off the media to get the suckers to believe what they want them to believe. They play very sneaky so that they can still come out ahead.

The one advantage they have over the suckers is that the suckers don’t yet realize the whole fucking thing is a sham. That the truth would be so mind blowing to the average sucker, it can’t possibly be the truth.

If the average sucker realizes what’s going on and tries to warn other suckers, the rest of them are so brainwashed to believe the game is real that they’ll fight tooth and nail claiming the con artists must follow the fake rules which were created by the very same con artists…

Without this illusion, the con artists could never continue the game. This illusion is what allows them to gaslight everyone. It allows them to move in the shadows the way they do. It allows them to say one thing and do another.

People truly believe the con artists are at risk of things like “punishment” and “fines” and “jail time”. And that’s why the game can’t possibly be rigged.

They keep this narrative going by paying people to take the fall every once in a while. If one of them gets too greedy, they hit them with a small fine as a slap on the wrist.

A joke.

“Haha look we caught you. Pay $200 do not pass go. And be more careful next time. By the way, you wanna go play golf next weekend? This time we’re taking YOUR private jet. Okay see you soon. Hey tell my goddaughter I love her for me.”

If one of the con artists in the group decides to turn on them, this gives them the perfect opportunity to show the world how “just” the system is and throw the book at them. Of course the only reason is to save themselves. So that the system as a whole continues to thrive on baiting suckers. So the secret doesn’t get out.

The truth behind these actions is to create a sense of trust within the game. Even if the suckers know the game is rigged to a degree, they still feel that at least some of the con artist team must be held accountable. And their portfolio is up $40k so they feel they’ve beaten the system.

It tells them: “See suckers!! Look!! One of us fell down!! We DO bleed!! And some of you won! Keep playing the game. We’re not ALL in on it, swear!!! ;)”

But that random +$40k in a random sucker’s account isn’t “beating the system”. It’s a bribe.

It’s hush money. Because in truth, the only way to win big at this game is to know that it is rigged. And if you’re making money, you’re not going to want to tell anyone how exactly you’re doing it in fear of the algorithm changing on you. Because if everyone knows your strategy, it’s not gonna work anymore because everyone’s doing it.

So they’ll let a few of the suckers win. In fact it’s a business expense. It’s an advertising cost. It draws more suckers in.

Because for every sucker who wins $40k, there’s another sucker who lost $80k.

It’s not a zero sum game. That is an illusion. If it were a zero sum game, the con artists wouldn’t make any money. They’d just be exchanging and facilitating. Not hyping, baiting and rug pulling as active participants.

And so the con artists realize that the suckers decided to play smart. The suckers found a loophole in the rules and hold the con artists accountable. They shine a light on the fuckery and put the con artists in a bad spot with 3 choices.

  1. Play fair and lose big time.
  2. Reveal that it’s all a con.
  3. Restructure and figure out a way to continue the con.

1 and 2 are out because if they play fair, they lose everything. And revealing it’s a con sends them to prison or starts an uprising.

So for the con artist team, option number 3 is the most logical and obvious choice.

Because they own the systems and servers that the game runs on, and because they own the media outlets that spin the narratives where the majority of the suckers get their information from, and because they write the laws they pretend to follow, and because they themselves are the counter-parties that are allowed to work in secret and investigate themselves, and because the suckers believe them, they can appear to be losing when in fact they’re winning.

What do you do when you own everything and your sucker is on to you?

If you can’t shake their resolve. You can’t change their minds. They know they caught you red handed. They’re holding on and not letting go. Somehow they’re still playing the game?

You use that to your advantage.

In many Martial Arts, you use your opponent’s energy against them. If an enemy punches you, you can grab their arm and pull them in the direction of the punch and trip them up.

That’s what the con artists decide to do.

They spin a narrative that they’re fuk. They leave breadcrumbs for the suckers to find, and reveal a bit of the game that the suckers already figured out. They make everyone think the whole game is at risk over one thing when in reality it’s not. Because the rules are fake, and they own the court.

The only thing at risk is everyone realizing how rigged the game is and take their ball and go home.

That is what they’re actually afraid of.

So how can they use this to their advantage?

By drawing the game out longer than expected.

The suckers appear to be wise. They are a worthy opponent. The only thing the con artists can do in this situation is draw it out and make them weary. Not because they’re fucked on this one glitch, but because this one glitch could show the world that everything is fake.

They plan to draw it out as long as they possibly can. Pretend they’re losing and giving ground slowly. The suckers think “YES! We’re winning! They can’t keep this up forever!! Because of the rules!!!”.

This keeps them at bay for a while. It makes them zen like. It makes the suckers complacent so they don’t start an uprising. The suckers who caught on to the scam are finally at peace with waiting. And the rest of the suckers think it’s a conspiracy.

Hopefully at some point the wise suckers will lose interest or morale. But the con artists know they won’t. So instead they set up traps for the suckers. They use psychology to make them give up one thing in place of a promise of a better thing.

They make the game interesting. A game that you constantly lose at is no fun. So they let the suckers win every now and then. Every 90 days or so. Just to keep up appearances.

This is done so that the rest of the suckers continue playing the game.

The main problem is that the suckers are getting smarter, and starting to realize what’s going on and did something they never expected. The pulled a move called DRS. This was put in place many years ago and they forgot to destroy it. They left it in so they could play for fun against each other but they never expected the suckers to use it.

So the con artists eventually realize the game is up. At the rate and speed the suckers are waking up, it’s impossible to contain it forever.

At some point, they have to pay the suckers the money they’re owed. They have to admit defeat on this one glitch, this one loophole, so that they can continue for generations to con everyone else.

But how do they do that when the suckers won’t let go? The suckers know the true value. They aren’t suckers anymore, they’re acting like fucking Apes.

How can the con artists get rid of them?

What do you do if you’ve exhausted every avenue? If your game file is corrupt and there’s no fixing it?

You start a new game.

You let the apes have what they want eventually, but then you devalue what they want so that you stay in control.

The con artists have to take the ball to a new court with a new currency and blame the apes for destroying the old one.

But the only way you’d be able to do this is slowly. You can’t do it all at once because then no one’s gonna play your new game. They’ll play their own games. No one wants to play with a cheater. There’s a reason aim bots are banned.

The only way to survive an explosion is to get away from the blast radius. And if it’s a super nova, you’ll need a LOT of time to get away from it.

If the blast goes off before you’re able to get away safely, you’re done.

So then now we see the true game being played here.

At this point it’s anyone’s game. The con artists can win if they get enough time. The apes can win if the explosion happens sooner than the con artists expect.

But since the apes only moves are to wait, DRS and spread the word, and the con artists control everything..

Certainly no other action the apes can do would be able to set off the explosion themselves.

The con artists know this and can use this by making the apes THINK that some other action can be done to win. And this action turns out to lower the ape’s account holdings and raise the con artist’s. They tell the apes to buy into a call option because “Look it hurts us!!” and then pull the rug.

Over. And over. And over. Slowly raising the floor to make the smart apes think they’re winning and to deter any other suckers from joining in before they’re able to start a new game.

Because one of the ways the con artist lose is if every sucker turned into an ape and DRS everything. It’s best for the con artists to work together and keep that contained until the final rug pull.

I know this story is long, and seems bleak, but there is a third player we haven’t mentioned yet.

One the con artists are terrified of the most.

The Chairman.

The Chairman is a rogue agent. A hybrid. He’s educated on the con artist’s tactics, but is not one of them. He has power according to the fake rules. And he knows the con artist tricks. He knows it’s a game of politics, he knows it’s all a ruse and he knows exactly how to force them to play fair.

And he has one chance to set off the explosion and beat the con artists at their own game.

The Chairman can only use his move once. And if he uses it at the wrong time or prematurely, it can fail and they’ll devour him. But if he pulls it off, he will be a legend among the apes. And he will be the most powerful player in the game.

The Chairman knows the con artists are playing the long game. He knows if he gives them too much time, he won’t be able to play his move. But he also needs time himself to make sure that the move is air tight. So that the move will work.

The players who were once suckers, are now apes. And the power will shift hands to the players if the Chairman pulls it off in time. The apes just have to be patient. Trust that the Chairman has a trick up his sleeve. And not fall for any of the con artist’s traps.

For once the Chairman entered the game, the con artists knew they were truly fuk. And the only way they can buy enough time to make a new game, is if they get the apes to lose interest. And the only way to do that is to knock them out of the tree BEFORE the Chairman speaks.

And then once and for all, when The Chairman plays his hand, the Game will Stop.


Side note: If you thought the story was a bit tin foily, I invite you to read some of my previous DD. I can’t link because I’m afraid automod will delete me lol

But click my profile, sort through top posts of all time and read the top 6 posts.

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The Loop Capital, Magic Johnson, Credit Suisse and Citadel connection


AND BY THE WAY… I was the first person to come to the conclusion that Gamestop had sleeper agents on the inside. BEFORE RC kicked all those guys off. I posted the theory in the Mall Creep Bets sub and got death threats over it. The mods even made me my own flair. “Shitpost masquerading as DD” because they’re compromised.

I might not have gotten ALL the specifics on that theory but I was totally on to something. I speculated and turned out to be right. Just not in the exact way I thought.

And if all that DD is true, then what I’m saying now, although impossible to prove, just seems like the most logical conclusion.

If they allow for exemptions of rules, if they cellar box companies and the SEC knows and doesn’t do shit, if the largest hedgefunds are allowed to collude to naked short and hide FTDs, if they’re allowed to play zombie stocks without retail on a private side market, the only logical conclusion is that the whole fucking thing is a giant scam and these morons fucked up and got Ceiling Boxed.


Section 3: Review of charts with lessons learned.

With that story in mind..

Look at this chart for a second. Internalize it.

r/Superstonk - Ceiling Boxed. The MOASS is upon us. For real.

Rug pull.

In the entirety of GME history, this to me is by far the worst drop.

“Wait what do you mean… January was $500 to $40…” you say?

I’m not talking about price action. I’m talking about strategy.

Let me explain..

r/Superstonk - Ceiling Boxed. The MOASS is upon us. For real.


This is a battle. You see the hedgies struggling to stay alive. This is the moment the suckers turned into apes. You can just feel their desperation in every candle. This is what it looks like when they’re losing control. A bunch of run ups and a bunch of dips. Chaotic. It’s a fucking mess.

It’s not slow up then fast down. It’s not a rug pull. It’s something that caught them by surprise and they’re desperately attempting to contain it.

When I look at this chart, I see:

*Insert deep fake of Kenny*

Now let’s look at February:

r/Superstonk - Ceiling Boxed. The MOASS is upon us. For real.


Look at the difference. It’s a jump up, but it’s not chaotic. It’s controlled in a channel. Like an impulse wave. Smooth transitions. You see this kind of thing on any stock. Jump up then correction and settle at mid point.

Hedgies expected apes to fold in the 30s/40s and they thought they won. Then the jump to $200 was them paying off their can kicking with the roll overs.

Apes had no fucking clue what was going on, they just knew shorts never covered and figured “Oh it’s back on, this must be MOASS” and people jumped into calls again.

I think it was at THIS point, hedgies knew they were fuk. Because they never expected it to go this far. This is when they decided to change the rules.

They thought retail was dumb money and would have folded, and by the time they had to roll over their swaps and all that bullshit they did to can kick, they figured it would have been around 4 to 5 dollars and this jump from $40 to $200 would have been $5 to $25.

But instead, apes held. The suckers didn’t fall for the tricks. The suckers forced the con artists to play by the rules. And the con artists finally realized at this point what was going on and the position they were truly in.

But the apes still didn’t realize all the tricks the con artists had up their sleeves, and the con artists used this to their advantage.

Enter March:

r/Superstonk - Ceiling Boxed. The MOASS is upon us. For real.


This I believe was a test. A controlled test. I don’t believe they were at risk of “being margin called” because they’re all fucking in on it. I think this was a test of a new system. A new strategy to create more suckers and a way to keep the game going just long enough to buy some time to start a new save file.

Selling calls on the way up, and buying them back from paper hands. Selling puts on the way back up and buying them back from paper hands. You better fucking believe they made bank off this.

This was not a move to shake paper hands from the share tree. Because nobody sold.

This was a move to fuck all the calls and the puts and keep the premiums.

They weren’t hedging shit.

r/Superstonk - Ceiling Boxed. The MOASS is upon us. For real.

Feb to March

Look how controlled this is.

How smoooooooth. The chart is so clearly in an up trend. You’d think “Oh shit this is it!!!! MOASS”.

But nope.

r/Superstonk - Ceiling Boxed. The MOASS is upon us. For real.

Rug pull.

It was a success. The con artists figured out a new way to trap the suckers.

I remember the exact moment it dropped from $348.50 to $117.

I rolled my eyes and said “Fuck you Kenny, this is short attack to catch all the stop losses and it’s going back up”.

Which it was. And it did. But it never recovered from this dip. This was the last time we saw $348.50

We all thought they were being margin called and $350 is when shit gets real. When in reality, they want us to think that.

What’s actually going on is they’re setting up bull traps for options every 90 days and making bank and throwing all the idiosyncratic risk in the FTD warehouse. Hoping they’ll never have to worry about it because they’re planning on starting a new game.

And when I say “they” I don’t mean just Shitadel, I mean all’em. Every last one of the short hedge funds and the DTCC, *insert every other 3 and 4 letter named organization* and SEC is allowing it because the SEC is just playing good cop bad cop until they can get away from the blast radius.

Laying bread crumbs for apes to find. Pretending they’re at risk when realistically this is just an annoyance to them. This is a glitch in their matrix. A window to their fuckery market wide.

Yes they place bets between themselves and call those bets “swaps”. Yes they have wars here and there among the whales. But at the end of the day they’re all sitting behind the same table laughing about it like Monopoly.

You can owe a player trillions in Monopoly if you just keep playing the game and letting debt pile up and the banker keeps printing more money.

Okay you get another free pass. Just pay me a little bit of interest right now.

No one’s really at risk because it’s just pretend.

We are interrupting something bigger than just one stock

Enter RC:

r/Superstonk - Ceiling Boxed. The MOASS is upon us. For real.

When RC did the share offering, he started it right before the rug pull was going to happen. He knew they’re controlling it and letting it go up slowly and he lowered the price with the share offering before they got a chance to rug pull.

They figured “Okay cool we don’t have to short this, he did it for us” and thought he was pulling an Adam. They thought this was good for them but they didn’t realize how badly they fucked up by raising the price and making the rug pull cycle so obvious.

Instead of using that ammo to short it at the rug pull, they did this and spread it out longer.

r/Superstonk - Ceiling Boxed. The MOASS is upon us. For real.

They probably thought he was so stupid by doing that for them. Giving them more time.

r/Superstonk - Ceiling Boxed. The MOASS is upon us. For real.


This in August was also intentional. They just faked people out and broke some ankles.

You see the green dildo, you’re thinking “Okay this is it. Let’s go!!! Buy calls and then buy puts because this bitch going up and straight down again.”

Nope. Flatlined on both sides. Expectations were up or down, not sideways. It was a sideways fake-out and they made bank on the Theta decay of far OTM YOLOs.

Which leads us to right here and right now:

r/Superstonk - Ceiling Boxed. The MOASS is upon us. For real.

We’re in the end game. Again.

But this time it’s for real.

Time is running out on both sides of the fence.

Not because marge is calling, they don’t give a fuck about that.

It’s for a few reasons instead that we’re now in the end game.

Apes are smart as FUCK right now and DRS is fucking working.

What I mean by “working” is that they’re being boxed in.

Instead of Hedgies Cellar Boxing the suckers, the Apes Ceiling Boxed the con artists.

Forced their fake margins so tight that they can’t hold out for too much longer without revealing the game is completely fucking rigged.

And that means they’ll be pulling more desperate moves. Like infiltrating and telling everyone to buy options for a rug pull. And other various shit we’ve yet to see.

Hedgies running out of time before the game starts looking completely fake and their getaway plan fails. So they’re speeding up their plans and making wilder volatility so that the options look enticing as Apes fall for the bait.

Chairman running out of time to make his move because hedgies are speeding up their plans because Apes Ceiling Boxed the hedgies.

It’s a giant roller coaster of emotions and a series of events that intertwine which will make the most amazing movie you’ve ever seeen.

Hedgies fucked up by letting RC get that share offering in before the rug pull. It allowed him funds to develop what ever the fuck he’s developing which will change the game entirely.

They thought “What the fuck is he gonna do with a billion dollars… Buy more games lol fuck off

There was no way to predict he would create a brand new stock market out of nowhere lmao how do you go from a game retailer to a crypto innovator?

And hedgies realize more and more people are catching on, and so what ever is going to happen is gonna happen soon. On both sides. The infinity war has begun.

Not because of options or swaps or rules or margin or what ever bullshit, but because the game is, was and always has been fake. And if they don’t do something soon, the entire world will know it’s fake.

r/Superstonk - Ceiling Boxed. The MOASS is upon us. For real.

The chaotic

r/Superstonk - Ceiling Boxed. The MOASS is upon us. For real.

The controlled

r/Superstonk - Ceiling Boxed. The MOASS is upon us. For real.

The share offering

r/Superstonk - Ceiling Boxed. The MOASS is upon us. For real.

The sideways fake-out

r/Superstonk - Ceiling Boxed. The MOASS is upon us. For real.

The fucking endgame

I’ll leave you with this..

Study the chart looking at it from this angle. We’re always looking at a few bits at a time, scrolling sideways. When you look at it in separate pictures like this, you can see something is totally different about this rug pull. It’s the most violent and intense since January.

June doesn’t count since it was RC, not the hedgies.

Notice also how the August sideways fake-out looks just like February. It’s controlled. Not losing grip or fighting margin.

Notice how the recent run up to 250 and then rug pull to 213 are more concentrated, violent and chaotic like January instead of slow angled runs with huge top wicks.

I believe MOASS is upon us. And I have absolutely no fucking clue what that means, what it’ll look like or when the peak is, or what day it’ll go above $1k or $10k or $100M. This is an unprecedented, never witnessed before event. It could be a huge pre market spike to $100k or it could be a violent 6 month struggle with crazy volatility. But I do know the show has finally begun and we’re done with sideways trading.

Hedgies got more tricks. And RC gonna announce some shit. And the chart is gonna go nuts. Not on any specific day or week. It’s going to be completely unpredictable. We could see $50 dollar days and $3k days and $100k days and $100M days and brokers might end up offering fractional option shares as part of their rug pull plan.

No one can tell you what’s about to happen next.

The pictures tell the story better than I ever could.

TL;DR Stop giving into hype. Buy your shit, DRS your shit, and let RC do his shit. It’s gonna be fine.

This post is not financial advice, it is wild speculation based on my highly medicated and retarded opinion and you should not listen to me.

Edit: I just got notified that this post is at #22 on r/all

Congrats you fuckers, you made this post go world wide and hedgies worst nightmare will come true. Remember, in the story, the only way for the con artists to lose before Chairman plays his hand is if everyone woke up all at once and DRS.

Not financial advice of course. Just a story.

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