CONFIRMATION – Loopring and GameStop Partnership – HOLEE FUCKEROO

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Through a collab effort we’ve pieced together the smoking gun πŸ”« We have the direct connection from Loopring source code and πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

This isn’t another one of those mere github leak posts. This is the real deal. Gamestop and Loopring have shown publicly, albeit in a whisper, their passionate love affair brewing. “We’re definitely fucking, and the baby will be cute af” β€οΈπŸ˜‰

Here’s the technical proof for those who dare:

  1. Proof the GameStop + Loopring GitHub leak was real. Credit u/PresenceSalt
  2. Additional supporting code review shows beyond doubt the leak was both accidental and not faked. This post is pasted below so we can use the DD flair here. Credit u/dark_stapler
  3. The gamestop link referred to IPFS data to extract NFT metadata. This was in the original GitHub leak, and referred to a sandbox link. We see the SAME INSTANCE OF THIS METADATA ON GAMESTOP’S WEBSITEas noted a while ago by u/hooper359. Here it is, check it out, the live IPFS matching metadata on! hahah! Credit u/vegoonthrowaway and u/hooper359

Through these connections we can see, without a shadow of a doubt, Loopring and GameStop are partnered and collaborating on the marketplace stuff!!

I don’t know what else to say. TO THE FUCKING MOON πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€


Loopring leaked GameStop stuff in their source. The leak is (in my opinion) beyond a doubt legitimate confirmed through independent code review and pull request comment analysis. has had data used in the leak live on their PUBLIC website! SMOKING GUN πŸ”« Confirmed they are in cahoots ❀️

About as good as we can get short of an official announcement!

THIS IS A COPY + PASTED VERSION OF POINT 2 JUST TO ENABLE THE DD FLAIR (it has a minimum post length requirement)

Professional dev here, I did review the *earlier leak* and the public one that’s now actually a part of loopring_sdk, and they are definitely very much the same. This proves undeniably that loopring and GameStop are partnered to make an NFT marketplace, given a couple assumptions listed below.

For example we can look at the function getContractNFTMeta. Please look at this image I made.

r/Superstonk - CONFIRMATION - Loopring and GameStop Partnership - HOLEE FUCKEROO

We can clearly see four distinct pieces of code that are obviously copy + pasted versions of one another. The version on the left is implemented using hard-coded specific URIs pointing to NFT related files on gamestop’s IPFS (inter-planetary file system) sandbox website. The code on the right is refactored to use abstract inputs, but would still be able to hook up to GameStop’s NFT data since the logic of the getContractNFTMeta is identical.

  1. This is the function signature, the most important defining feature of this piece of code. It defines inputs and outputs of the function, and it’s the exact same, though the whitespace was modified. It honestly looks like the whitespace was intentionally modified to “obfuscate” the code slightly and avoid the original GameStop leak.
  2. The contract variable and how it’s built is literally copy pasted.
  3. The return result is also literally copy pasted.
  4. The fine await and fetch response logic is identical, though the refactored version uses more abstracted inputs instead of any hardcoded GameStop data.

There are even more similarities, but I think this is enough proof honestly. No need to go crazy and cover all of them.

As a professional dev these two GitHub pull requests contain large chunks of the same code, albeit a refactored version. This proves beyond any doubt that as long as a couple assumptions hold true, loopring is confirmed working with GameStop on an NFT marketplace. Let me list the assumptions real quick.

  1. windatang works for loopring and isn’t acting as a rogue agent making sneaky fake leaks. Edit: Confirmed, read below
  2. is actually owned by gamestop. Edit: this looks reasonably confirmed, see below

Also it does look to me like windatang is a real developer on loopring and has push access to loopring’s code on github. She also clearly writes English like a chinese non-native speaker. Source: I’ve worked with tons of Chinese non-native English speakers both here in the US where I live and overseas in mainland China. They always write broken English in a very specific way and winda’s github PR comment style definitely matches to me.

We can even see Daniel Wang (dong77) the loopring creator commenting in the same pull request as windatang and they are in agreement. To me this proves windatang works for/with Daniel Wang.

For context: this is the fake PR that was made recently. We can see windatang saw it first and seemed to not know what to do with it. Clearly she asked someone about it, and was given permission or decided to just close it. She gave the excuse of “we don’t support that” but to me she was just being polite. Then Daniel comes in to help take care of it.

Judging the before/after progress on the two pull requests I would guess the product is at least a couple weeks away before it can go live, but likely a bit longer. They seem to still be adding quite a bit of new features at a quick pace.

Credit to /u/vegoonthrowaway.

The contents of the gstop-sandbox website are live on the official gamestop website now btw. I don’t know since when. This just about confirms your assumption number 2, especially since the contents on the gamestop website still reference the website as their ipfs-gateway.

There’s still the tiny chance that loopring is just intentionally leaking fake info. This is because the IPFS data has been up for a while now since before the Loopring GitHub leak. However, I don’t see this as realistic. The simpler explanation seems to me the leak was an accident, especially given the analysis by u/PresenceSalt. Additionally we can see Daniel denounce a fake PR (linked above), but he has not denounced the original leak! πŸ€” It’s hard to express this… But as a professional dev I’d stake my career on this not being fake, there’s just no way. Ask any experience developer and show them all the data points lined up in favor of the simplest explanation, and you’ll get a consensus.

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