Post MOASS Think Piece

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So a late night post about apes being vilified post squeeze got me thinking, original post below:

This is a very good point that I think more people need to be aware off, if GME does go full MOASS and us Apes end up with huge gains we’ll be strung out to dry by MSM as the “Internet mob who corrupted the market via stock manipulation” this is how its going to play as they wouldn’t want the masses to lose faith in the HF’s that manage their pensions and other commodities.

Be prepared for the following from friends, co-workers even family:

  • You’ve ruined my pension
  • You’ve ruined the market (housing, oil, commodities)
  • You’ve ruined my savings
  • You’ve purposely manipulated the market for personal gains
  • That was easy, anyone could have done that
  • Why didn’t you tell me?
  • Whats the next big thing?

Personally I believe the best way to combat the above is to remain quiet post squeeze, personally I wont be making any financial moves, buying property / cars / nice things, for atleast 3 months after the squeeze; this gives people time to access the information and hopefully get more than one viewpoint from MSM;

By waiting a few months you’ll also see how markets react to the squeeze, the million pound mansion you buy day 1 may be worth considerably less depending on the long term impact of the squeeze

As I stated this is just a think piece that I figured I’d put down as it might help someone not alienate friends and family purely because they’re jealous of our “easy win”. once the dust has settled I plan to help family, friends and obviously enjoy myself but I will be waiting before doing so

I’ve not been rich my whole life so whats the rush to spend my imaginary millions lol

Not financial advise, also not an attempt to spread FUD 🙂


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