This DD about Anson Funds was posted over 9 months ago and got buried.

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This is my 5th time trying to post this thing. IT SHOULD NOT BE BURIED. This DD was posted about Anson Funds Over 9 Months Ago.

Literally fuck these scum bags. This is the tippity top of the top of the iceberg, and such a small fish in a small pond.

HUGE credit to /u/SadMud7428.

While this doesn’t go into huge depth about naked short selling, it does give us insight towards the other shit-dealings that Anson Funds does to attack small companies actually making a fucking difference.

Take $TGOD.CN as another example. Someone has their hands on this stock and SUFFOCATING IT. Such a shame.

I hope these guys get wiped from financial existence and serve SERIOUS jail time.

Anyways, I’ve had trouble linking it, so I’ll quote it here. I don’t know how to share the info otherwise and don’t want it getting buried.

The Wrath Of Short Sellers. An Expose On Anson Funds. (Latest Victim- Facedrive)

Anson Funds is a Canadian asset management company and hedge fund that specializes in short selling. At first glance they seem like any other hedge fund operating in the markets, although upon closer inspection lies a tale of greed, corruption, and criminal activities.

Their preferred operating method is to wave a wad of cash in the faces of small scale businesses, only to severely short the company post IPO (Zenabis). They use insider information to launch smear campaigns and spread misinformation on various social media platforms and financial boards.

They participate in insider trading with a motive to rob money from hard-working retail investors, and when they get caught, they send out paid positive articles to cover their ass. They have lucrative relationships with major Canadian banks and media companies that allow them to operate their illegal business without backlash.

They are notorious for fabricating rumours and bad PR of the following companies many of which no longer exist.

  • Zenabis (ZENA.TO)
  • Tilray (TLRY)
  • Aphria (APHA)
  • Facedrive (FD.V)
  • Genius Brands (GNUS)
  • The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD.CN)


Zenabis (ZENA.TO) was founded in 2014 as a Canadian medical and recreational marijuana provider. Kassam approached Zenabis in the early fundraising rounds, promising them large loans to launch operations in exchange for a promise that Zenabis would be listed publicly on the TSX. Kassam provided them with loans and convinced Zenabis CEO to IPO at a high valuation of $6/ share. This allowed Kassam to very easily short the company at IPO and bring the price to $0.04. He was successful in this short and managed to destroy the company.

Stock Chart (ZENA.TO)-


Tilray (TLRY) is a Canadian pharmaceutical and cannabis company which fell prey to Anson Funds. In 2018, Kassam convinced all his friends and family to short TLRY immediately after it’s IPO in hopes that the company would underperform. This did not go as planned as TLRY caught the eye of many American investors and the share price rose rapidly from $23 to upwards of $145. Unfortunately in the end things didn’t go as planned and Kassam ended up losing in the sounds of $80 million.

Stock Chart (TLRY)-


Aphria (APHA) also operates in the cannabis sector. Unlike Moez’s failure with TLRY, he made large profits from undercutting the management at APHA. He leaked insider information to the public and announced that his Anson Funds would be shorting APHA. This took everyone by surprise and crashed the APHA stock. Once he was exposed, he contacted his good friend Andrew Left at Citron Research to put out a positive research piece on Aphria. The stock price jumped once again after the research was put out and not only did Kassam make another large sum of money, but gained back the trust of Aphria management.

Stock Chart (APHA)-

Positive research piece by Citron-


Facedrive (FD.V) is a Canadian based company operating in multiple sectors like ridesharing, food delivery, and most recently, COVID-19 contact tracing. In the summer of 2020, Kassam had found his next target to be FD.V. But just like TLRY, he failed. Kassam shorted the stock in the quantity of millions, up to 75% of the float. When he realized his tactic wasn’t working, he created negative reports via The Globe and Mail in hopes of creating a negative name for FD.V. Just like his previous victims, he pleaded to his friends at various hedge funds to short the stock and drive the share price lower. Of course in the end he lost his battle as FD.V continued to rise.

Update- Globe and Mail recently (2021-04-03) published a hit piece dragging the company and its founders through the mud. Currently the article is also being promoted on Twitter via bots and paid stock bashers.

Stock Chart (FD.V)-

Genius Brands

Genius Brands (GNUS) is an entertainment company, specializing in kid-friendly content. In 2020, GNUS brands shot up to $11 a share, from $0.65 per share. This was purely due to Kassam’s tactic of long shorting. He very carefully made company announcements to drive the stock price up, so he could short it and make profits. Kassam stooped to levels lower than anyone could have predicted. Not only did he facilitate a classic pump and dump, he participated in insider trading, and even went as far as to create a fake website to entice investors to hold their positions and avoid a sell-off while on the come up of the stock price.

Stock Chart (GNUS)-


Despite the overwhelming amounts of evidence Anson Funds continues to operate alongside a corrupt pose of Hedge Funds and news reporters. They represent everything that is broken about the markets and remain a glaring example of the shortcomings of regulatory bodies. Although it may seem that all is lost there is still light at the end of the tunnel. It is rumored that Moez Kassam the founder of Anson Funds who is primarily responsible for all the illicit activities has left the country to prevent his likely arrest. Given the current culture of millennial investors the animosity towards corrupt short sellers is at an all time high and Anson Funds alongside other hedge funds such as Melvin Capital remain prime targets of this new zeitgeist.


Several undisclosed whistleblowers within various relevant organizations.

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