The MOASS is UNPREDICTABLE but here is ONE INDICATOR that it’s approaching it’s PEAK.

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My personal exit strategy will be dependant on 1 thing and 1 thing only. Margin Calls and Bankruptcy.

The MOASS is going to be unpredictable and we can only speculate what the ceiling will be. For all we know the ceiling could be 20M or it could be 200m or maybe even infinite.

We shouldn’t base our exit strategy off arbitrary numbers but instead base it off factors that we can measure or observe. Using logic to determine when we sell, if we sell, is of utmost importance because we can then accurately predict whether a dip in the price is a true “End of squeeze” or if it’s a false end, fabricated by SHFs to get people to paperhand.

My personal exit strategy is reliant on Margin Calls and Bankruptcy. I won’t be selling until I see people packing their belongings and walking out the front door of the heavily involved Hedge Funds and Banks. If these banks and SHFs aren’t liquidated into bankruptcy, they will go to any means necessary to find a way to get people to paperhand because the only 1 rule that can NEVER BE AVOIDED is that ‘ALL SHORTS MUST COVER!’. I am confident that I’ll be able to estimate the rough ceiling after I PERSONALLY CONFIRM that MULTIPLE of these institutions have been bankrupt. I will not be trusting MSM to deliver the news. I will only believe the news after confirming it through my own Due Diligence.

I will sell in small bursts (3% – 5%) once I confirm the news and keep 20% to feed into the infinity pool. There is a marginal difference in living standard from 10m to 1B so I really don’t care about the 20% that will be left in the pool forever since it will barely make a difference to me but it will teach the 0.001% a lesson that will never be forgotten. Retail definitely owns the float multiple times over and this will be confirmed after the votes have been counted (~70% of people vote). If we own the float 5 times over, hodling 20% forever will lead to infinite price. This will also allow our X and .X holders to finally be able to experience a DECENT life for them and their families.

This IS NOT a once in a lifetime opportunity, THIS OPPORTUNITY IS ONE TIME ONLY. EVER.

This is not financial advice. This is my personal opinion and my personal reasoning for my exit strategy.


Edit: Many people are correct in saying that liquidation and margin calls ARE NOT THE CEILING. I AGREE. I PARTIALLY RETRACT MY STATEMENT. However I think the core principles are still applicable. Ty for wrinkling my brain further.

Edit 2: u/jsmar18 – Mod mentioned this. This is important! Be warned people who read this, we’ve seen MSM paint a false narrative before. Whats to stop them from doing the same when it comes to telling us the HFs have gone “bankrupt”. Also remember the DTCC insurance policy.

Edit 3: u/Broviet says the following and I agree: This needs to be at the top of every post that mentions the B-word. That shit Does. Not. Matter.

I see what OP is trying to get at in saying the only way to know that the squeeze is in full effect is when they start actually dropping, but that is JUST the beginning. The bankruptcies and the peak of the squeeze will not go hand in hand.

Edit 4: u/Filthygoy with the important link: MOASS preparation guide

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