THE MEDIA JUST SHOWED THEIR HAND! How they might possibly manufacture the fake short squeeze announcement.

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Disclaimer: For new apes, WAY more than 20% of the float is shorted. We likely own multiple floats alone on this subreddit. I reference it because the articles do, but this number has been paraded to us and lied about constantly. It’s self-reported and fictional. The media is going to use it to try and trick us, yet again (because it worked SO well the first 5 times). Do not fall for it.

Since we all pretty much expect it at this point, I decided to read through some of the FUD to see what they’re saying before I came across this article:

Both GameStop and AMC have over 20% of their float shares sold short, according to data from S3 Partners. That’s compared with an average of 5% short interest in a typical U.S. stock.

Several of the other articles from the normal FUD sources are also referencing a 20% short interest. They’re even trying to make it sound appealing it by stating the average of 5%.

I think they’re going to let the price rise up a bit and then try to crash it back down one last time and say that ~11 million shares, or the entire “short interest”, has been closed. They’re already throwing out numbers such as 1 million shorts covered, which we know is bullshit anyway.

From the reuters article today:

Around 958,000 shares of GameStop, worth $201 million, were bought to cover short sales over the last week, S3 data showed. Roughly 11.55 million shares of GameStop, or 20.3% of its float, are currently sold short, Dusaniwsky said.

Per the edit below, S3 partners is owned by Citadel, the very people shorting the stock. Expect to see a lot more estimates of “shorts covered” and “percentage of float” according to random bullshit shill data scientists. When those numbers intersect, the media will declare it over. It won’t be.

You know what to do: Buy. Hold. Vote. Watch videos of guys putting bananas in their asses.


Edit: S3 PARTNERS IS OWNED BY CITADEL!!!! The very people who are making these “estimates’ are the ones that are shorting the stock! Thank you /u/Dragon747 for that nice note, I didn’t even know that.

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