The final nail for Citadel – And you’re holding the HAMMER!!! ?

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This is a summary of what we have discovered:


Citadel adds a new branch to hide certain holdings (Ashler)

Obtains a large portion of Freddie Mac (percent not known)

Some insane shit goes down in January with their books

Major drama and defaults happen, all connected to Citadel

New rules are passed by the govt in record time because Citadel is way too connected to the housing market/ commercial properties

May 10 – We get the “wind-down plan”

Members from Freddie Mac bail the same day

May 11 = Freddie Mac (listed under Ashler) filings released

AND NOW IT’S GETTING UGLLLY!!!  (stay with us here.. its deep, and connected globally???)


2020 ADV Form – Citadel Advisors LLC

148826.pdf (

2015 ADV Form – Citadel Advisors LLC (for comparison)

158862.pdf (

Freddie Mac May 11 Report

FEDERAL HOME LOAN MORTGAGE CORP – ABS-15G/A – – FILE 18 OF 18 – May 11, 2021 (

Ashler Capital

Ashler Capital Llc – Portfolio Holdings (13F, 13G) (


GME Timeline

From Citadel Advisor LLC’s recent ADV Filing:


Complete this form truthfully. False statements or omissions may result in denial of your application, revocation of your registration, or criminal prosecution. 


What is the total number of offices, other than your principal office and place of business, at which you conduct investment advisory business as of the end of your most recently completed fiscal year?


CITADEL ADVISORS LLC (CRD# 148826/SEC#: 801-70860)


Citadel’s US State Jurisdictions (States where they have legal obligations)

California  – 1/15/2021

Connecticut – 1/15/2021

Illinois – 1/15/2021

Minnesota – 12/31/2020

Ohio – 3/31/2021

Texas – 1/15/2021

A few stats on Citadel Advisors LLC per their 2020 ADV Form filing with the SEC:

Year-End: December

Corporate Jurisdiction – Delaware

States with Jurisdiction – CA, CT, IL, MN, OH, TX

2375 total employees

1112 perform investment advisory functions

56 registered representatives of broker- dealer

41% of clients are NON-US persons

17 pooled investment vehicles totalingL $244,269,595,218


Here’s a complete breakdown of Citadel Advisors 2020 ADV Form– including each of their 22 Hedgefunds – the Partners, Bankers, Auditors, Bookkeepers, Oversees Actors.  What a picture it paints. (an interesting note is main books are kept china)

List of Banks and Institutions affiliated as custodians with Citadel Advisors LLC

This shows all the alternate names for Citadel. Everything under Freddie Mac is listed under Ashler.

On March 10th, 2021, the SR-NSCC-2021-003 Rule change request was filed. This was to require more regular position confirmations and clarity.

 On March 24th, the DTCC officially eliminated month-end reporting and changed this to daily.

By April 6th, DTCC-2021-005 went into effect, which prevented shares from being used as collateral within the market, multiple times. Tightening up these loopholes makes it harder for naked shorting to have its place in the market. 

On April 16th, the DTC-2021-006 Rule change was requested, preventing more shares of a company to be traded than exist, which is still in review.

On top of all these laws and regulations rolling out, GameStop also has a proxy voting for the shareholder meeting currently taking place. It is expected that GameStop will receive more votes than shares accounted for, showing over selling within the market. These voters can only vote if you own shares in the company, and a number is provided by brokers to individuals. See Wes’ AMA if you need to know more on this topic.

Every name on a 257-page ADV doc that is affiliated with Citadel Advisors LLC has made the news lately showing heavy losses, extreme stress, or is doing weird sh*t (BofA/ JP Morgan).   That same document shows 19 umbrella companies connected to Citadel. They are worldwide and the implosion proves to be nasty AF.  Blackrock has been buying shares (not calls) like crazy. The same shares that Citadel has heavy shorts and puts in. Blackrock has been buying up housing. Blackrock has been buying shares in everything Citadel is short on. Citadel bought a crapload of bank assets on 08 before everything exploded.

Section 5 Bottom right of the page shows them all. 7.7 billion dollars worth.

These are all sales. Everybody that’s buying them is getting f*cked but it shows how bad they’re looking for money by selling off this much in assets.

All purchased 2008-01-01

Madison Dearborn and Ashler Capital have the same website images. Yes, you read that right! Compare the images…..both are under Citadel, which also has the same images on their site.

A 41% increase before they blew up and were liquidated.

So… Madison Dearborn, Ashler, and Citadel (and others) are all essentially the same company, or at least connected through bank accounts.   Madison is buying up assets after Kenny’s group of shorters f*cked those companies into the ground.   We now know that this is 2008 2.0 but this time, with commercial properties.  Ashler = Freddie Mac.  BofA is now connected to Citadel after permanently closing a ton of branches.

005 rule shows up and Bitcoin tanks. (

TLDR: Citadel go DUURRRR. GME go BRRRR.For more please, It is strongly recommended that you continue to do research, as this information is so broad to try and cover, and understand. Knowledge and transparency is highly encouraged????❤️??

Also, the support of chat on stream and background help was extremely helpful. Thank you everyone who contributed. Hours of work were spent digging into this information with several brains. Especially that spreadsheet which is available for view. Thanks you, and cheers?

Authors: u/Broad_Grapefruit u/Bloodhound1144 u/gmorgan99

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