🦍🦍 Compilation of MOASS and Exit Strategy DDs and Advice 🦍🦍

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It is time, my fellow Apes, to drown out the noise and focus on our individual exit strategies and preparations for the MOASS and the rest of our lives.

I just want to say what a pleasure it has been to share this journey with you all. I have felt the love from you and I hope you will feel it back from me in this contribution.


I get a bit emotional typing those emojis, knowing that one day soon they will represent the past, as glorious as that past is going to be.

This list is nothing more than my personal list of DDs and advice that I am studying to prepare for the MOASS. I invite you to help me build this in the comments. This list covers a wide variety of topics, from the financial and technical to the cultural and psychological, but avoids the investigatory. I am grateful to all of these authors for their contributions to our individual success.

I’m adding this section a few weeks later. This is my master list of DD that gets us to where we are going. People are always asking for a guide to the “basic” DD, here’s mine.Essential Technical DD

u/dejf2 – The SI% is Fake

u/broccaaa – The Naked Shorting Scam/Dark Pool Activity

u/eastrod – A Method for Hiding FTDs in Useless Puts

u/Criand – Estimating Current SI% using Deep ITM Call Purchases

u/HomeDepotHank69 – Summarizing DD of FTD Cycle, new rules, OTC trading, and ETF shorting of GME

u/WardenElite – The Mother of All Wedges Endgame DDEssential Regulatory and Cultural DD

u/c-digs – Why We are Trading Sideways

u/beebsgaming – Why Share Price Doesn’t Matter Right Now

u/c-digs – Why SR-OCC-2021-004 is So Important

u/Blanderson_Snooper – The GME Wargame: My Theory of Everything

u/IIIBriGuyIII – Checkmate (RC’s “oops MOASS my bad” tweet)

u/c-digs – The Brakes Might Be Off This Week

u/Criand – May 20 ICC, DTC, OCC Rules Updates

u/beebsgaming – A Theory of Everything (AMC Wargame Theory)Weekly Roundups of New DD and Happenings

For further reading beyond the essentials, check out u/coffeelaxative‘s amazing compilations that don’t get nearly enough attention.

March Edition

April Edition

Week of May 10

Week of May 17

Without further ado, I present my MOASS Study Guide.How to Spot and Defend Against FUD, Shills, and Self-Destruction

u/Eff_RobinHood – Expert in predatory human behaviors and counter-tactics

u/Jakob_Xavier – COINTELPRO Techniques for dilution, misdirection, and control

u/Blanderson_Snooper – GME Apes: A Cultural Due Diligence – PART 2

u/Makataui – Critical Thinking (from a Psychology academic)

u/Pimmeltitte – Ways out of the impatience trap – a psychological view

u/Blanderson_Snooper – Wargame Theory II: Mother of All FUD (MOAFUD)

u/ljtmudokon – MOAFUD Simulator – Ultimate Diamond Hands Stress TestMOASS Mental Health Resources

u/oaf_king – Mental/Behavioral Preparation

Anonymous – An Ape’s guide to self-care and anxiety management

u/Limecandi – Therapeutic techniques for managing during the MOASSExit Strategies

u/floodmayhem – A Little HODL Game Theory About Trust (simple)

u/mrrippington – Game Theory to Maximize Gains (more complex)

u/2008UniGrad – Moass Checklist R2 (12 May)

u/NHNE – Total Overview

u/WardenElite – Technical (partial)

u/NHNE – Technical (partial)

u/franciscogil90 – Anatomy of a Short Squeeze and Why No Ape Will Be a BagholderPost-MOASS Advice

u/dodecaphonecism – Attorneys and You: A Guide for the Newly Rich

u/Soluna7827 – Post-MOASS: An In-Depth Examination of Financial Advisors, Tax Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, & Wills

u/DamsellinDistress – Being Rich is Easy, Staying Rich Isn’t – Harsh Truths


See you on the moon.


EDIT 1: Thank you all for the kind words, let me just say to all of you that you are very welcome. πŸ’•

EDIT 2: Some good advice from the comments:

u/lemon01747: “It may do everyone some good to download or copy these posts in some way, as apes have speculated that during MOASS, reddit will likely go down due to overwhelming traffic or a coordinated attack (to disrupt communication).”

I suggested printing them to PDF, which is what I have done.

u/LootHound_Antilles: ” Apes should write out their exit MOASS strategy and put it on their bathroom mirror. When we launch, go review and take a deep breath and trust yourself that wrote out your plan without the adrenaline rush.”

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