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It already is…

Now, I know people want a dramatic explosion and that MAY happen depending on a few things.

  1. Will Cohen get tenured?
  2. If he doesn’t, will he initiate a hostile takeover?
  3. If he doesn’t, will he give up and sell his position?

In instance 1, I don’t believe we will see a sharp radical short squeeze but instead a big jump followed by a series of 10% days or so as we climb significantly. The shorts won’t need to bail immediately because they can wait and see if Cohen fails to bring GME to the digital era, thus bailing over time adding to the rise instead of a dramatic shift.

In instance 2, I believe this would trigger a huge short squeeze as it would leave so much uncertainty that it would scare the shorts into bailing. Because Cohen could fire the board and bring on a new team of God knows who and the shorts don’t want to go into a blind fight against a brand new team.

In instance 3, we will see a sharp fall, but then a climb again, because believe it or not GameStop is not Blockbuster. They have plenty of cash, little debt, and there is no case for them to go bankrupt within the next 5 years.

I expect a nice rise all the way up until 12/8 earnings call. This will give us A LOT more information. Perhaps in the Call instance 1 takes place. If Cohen or his letters aren’t even mentioned then assume instances 2 or 3 will come to fruition.

Either way I expect a dip post earnings followed by a climb up, but I recommend getting in now because a lot can happen and it could happen at any time. Perhaps Cohen just says eff it and begins a hostile takeover tomorrow. Who knows? Get in now and hold.

TLDR: Buy it. Hold it. It’s gonna go up, it might have a dramatic short squeeze like we all hope for, but either way, a continuous green climb looks very likely.

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