The GME Wargame: A New Theory of Everything (My Final DD) 💗🦍🐒🚀🚀🚀

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Nothing in my post should be assumed to accuse anyone of anything.

This is my theory of everything. My Charlie Day-DD. This is, I think, the blueprint for getting us through these last few agonizing days. Sorry, it’s walls of text, but I think you’ll enjoy reading it.

This will be the only meme.

r/Superstonk - The GME Wargame: A New Theory of Everything (My Final DD) 💗🦍🐒🚀🚀🚀

Me looking in the mirror

This is in all likelihood my final statement on the matter until new information comes to light. I’ve been working on it since the evening of 4/19 and it is enough to carry me through to the squeeze. I hope others will pick up where I left off, hack it apart, fill it in, and improve it, but I think I am done producing DD. I’ll be around to talk about it though.

I could never leave this community. I am 34 hours into writing this and it’s the longest I haven’t checked new posts reddit in months. Can’t wait to see what I have missed. For the past three months, I wake up and log in and don’t log out until I sleep.

I’m also exercising more, eating better, and have had the most generally positive outlook on life that I can ever remember having. All of that wrapped up in a community whose values I love, which is far different from the communities I grew up in, and of whom I genuinely feel a welcome part. I have cared for and felt protective of and protected by members of the community. Then, there is the dream that I will finally be able to spend my time how I choose for the rest of my life. These are my emotional connections to the rest of you Apes.

That said, this is my bet on everything.War for the Reddit of the Apes

There is a key point we have been missing that explains pretty much everything, but as usual it requires a fuckton of words to get to it. If I’m right, I expect I’ll know sooner rather than later.

I have pages of evidence and dozens of screenshots that I will curate and release as necessary, but I’m doing my best to protect individuals’ privacy. I think what I’m posting here will give you the tools to draw your own conclusions.

Standard Disclaimer: Never trust anyone on the internet. I hope this will spark some interesting discussion and help Apes understand what is to come in the next few days or weeks. All I know is when I started thinking this way it explained everything from the market behavior to what’s been happening in our communities since January.

The key point is this: What’s happening with GME is not a war between retail and Citadel, it is a wargame between Citadel and Blackrock organized and refereed by the government. We are not the soldiers, we are the battlefield.

Here is a list of things that I’ll break down:

  1. What’s happening with GME is not a war between retail and Citadel, it is a wargame between Citadel and Blackrock organized and refereed by the government. We are not the soldiers, we are the battlefield.
  2. When I say Blackrock and Citadel, I also mean their affiliated institutions. I refer to them as the Goods and the Bads.
  3. The Goods and Bads both have shills active in all social and mainstream media, and are well in control of our communities.
  4. The Goods have controlled the media as much as Citadel, not to fool Apes but to keep paperhanded normies from falling into Kenny’s traps over and over again.
  5. ALL of the guiding DD in our communities is being produced by shills, both Good and Bad, as weapons in the proxy war.
  6. That said, the Goods are not “on our side” so much as we have mutual enemies and mutually beneficial goals. They are using shill techniques because the rules of the proxy war forbid anyone to reveal themselves.
  7. Recent events have forced the Goods to show their hand as much as possible in order to hold Apes together just a little longer than they had planned.
  8. It is crucial that during this phase, we Apes take an active role in learning who to trust and who not to. I think the Goods have been giving us the tools to do so.

Ultimate Conclusion: Diamond Hands means Diamond Mind. Practice your psychological karate, buy and hold GME, and take as much from the motherfucking Bads as you can.The Players

The Goods: Blackrock, Ryan Cohen/RCV, the government, banks, and other affiliates

The Bads: Citadel and its network of corrupt individuals and institutions

The Apely: Hi you.

Good Shills: I see you.

Bad Shills: I pity you.

I want to be clear what I mean by Goods, Bads, Apes, Good Shills, and Bad Shills.

Goods are institutions who oppose Citadel in this wargame. I believe they have been working together much longer and more carefully than we think. That said, they are not in control of this ride, and part of that is by design. Each of the Goods has their own motives, interests, and role to play, which affected the rules of the wargame in ways I’ll talk about below.

IMPORTANT! Their goals are not the Apes’ goals, they are not trying to help us squeeze or go to the moon. However, they are trying to liquidate Citadel and make sure we get paid, so in that they and the Apes are aligned. Remember, there are three sides to consider in this theory, not just Apes vs. Citadel, and the relationships between them are significantly different than we thought.

Bads are Citadel and everyone helping them. The Goods still don’t know all of them, but these days when I see a bank CEO get fukd or a small hedge fund get quietly liquidated without affecting the markets, I see the Goods slowly unwinding the knot while they wait for the endgame.

Apes: We are our own thing. Part organic community, part organized battlefield. We are not affiliated with Goods or Bads, but are locked in their wargame. When I say “we” I mean the online community that has grown on reddit. I don’t know anything about stocks and have never given or taken financial advice from or to anyone in my life. I am, however, about to be richer than Kenny G.

Bad Shills: The ones we know and hate. They work for Kenny and/or other agents of chaos. These are the ones we can help identify by being nice to one another.

Good Shills: We are used to thinking of all shills as bad and working for Citadel, but that is almost certainly not true. With this much at stake, both Goods and Bads are at war to control the narratives that guide and bind the Ape community. In my opinion, they have been doing an amazing job.

Key Point: No battle plan survives contact with the enemy, and that is true throughout this narrative. Kenny had a plan that got disrupted and everything since has been a back and forth game between Citadel and everyone else. If you think about our communities, and the timing of several key events within them, you will see these forces of action and reaction at play.

I wish I could share my research with you, but I’m still not sure how to or even if I should. I see the Goods winning, and I want to amplify that as much as possible without identifying any of the players. As you’ll see in the Rules of the Wargame, I think that’s in everyone’s interests.The Goals

Blackrock: Destroy Kenny G

The Government: Save itself

Banks: Leech off the government

Other affiliates: Pressed into service, baby sharks hunting for scraps

Ryan Cohen: Be the first CEO to save a company by making its customers into millionaires.

Forget the new Amazon, Cohen and Gamestop are going to become the new Jobs and Apple…overnight. Amazon is a tech company with a shitty brand, Gamestop is going to be a tech company with one of the world’s most talked about and valuable brands. We know that Cohen respects and probably feels competitive with Jeff Bezos. John Lennon wanted to be bigger than Jesus, Ryan Cohen wants to be bigger than Bezos.

Shitadel: Fukd and cooperating to escape jail, do much evil

Apes: Get rich and make friends tryin’Background

Here’s a basic timeline I’m working from, it’s a mixture of fact and speculation, but I’m laying it out whole for people to evaluate on their own. Like I said, I have loads of supporting evidence and reasoning, but I need to evaluate a lot of it before I put it out. I’ll do my best to answer questions, though.


Kenny G is the Alpha Psychopath, and despite all attempts to shut down “too big to fail” after 2008, he figured out a way to do it again. Kenny G lays the groundwork for one of the greatest ponzi schemes of all time, taking advantage of a friendly regulatory environment to bend, break, and change rules to let him execute his plan. He spots his prey, recruits a snake in the grass, and waits for that sweet foie gras (old rich asshole tendies) to roll in.

September 2019 (Catalyst 1)

DFV posts his first YOLO to WSB and starts talking about his position in Gamestop. We have to assume WSB has been infiltrated from day one by shills, so word would spread at Citadel that a retail investor was going long. This would not concern Kenny G one bit. At this point I don’t think he’s abnormally overshorted the stock. The plan is already in place and one retail investor can’t stop it. This is true, in my opinion, and I think at this point DFV is fucked, tbh.

However, if we also assume the Goods have shills watching WSB, then some junior analyst somewhere was probably tasked with looking to see if this diamond-handed retail investor was onto something. This might have been SEC, a bank, or a rival hedge fund. Honestly, I bet a lot of the people trolling him were Good Shills trying to test his resolve or get him to reveal as much information about his thinking and position as possible.

October-November 2019

Back to the analyst, we should assume that anything we can see, they can see better, and so suddenly everyone knows Kenny has overshorted GME. This doesn’t raise concern among the Goods either, because they assume Citadel will always win against a retail investor.

However, as analysts dig deeper they find out what we now know:

Citadel has fucked EVERYONE.

Word spreads fast, and emergency meetings are held at nearly every major financial institution: how can we mitigate our risk in this scenario. They all come to the same conclusion.

In the words of Velma Kelly, “no we can’t do it alone.”

As the major institutional shareholder of real GME shares, Blackrock is concerned, and probably paranoid since Kenny G had already pwned them recently. Is he about to take their firm out from under them? They start talking to other institutions and find out that some of them seem sketchy, the Bads in league with Kenny, and others are in the same position as them: hung out to dry by Kenny G’s scheme.

So now we have alliances taking shape within both the Goods and Bads. The government is still under Citadel control at this point, so they are just staying out of the way, or in some cases paving the road with gold.

December to January 2019: Setting the Rules of Engagement

This section details the major players, their motives, and the actions that have taken place since January.

I think that after the election was officially called for Joe Biden, the Goods phoned up his transition team and orchestrated a meeting. They filled the president-elect in on the whole story, and told him the economy was going to melt down if they didn’t fix it fast.

Joe Biden: “Do it, but do it quietly.”

They can’t just prosecute Citadel to end this, because Kenny has everyone by the balls. That would also shine light on the story, possibly causing market panic. So they decided on a wargame, one that would incentivize all parties to stay quiet and compete to the end. Here are the rules.

Kenny G is fukd, no matter what. He grabbed the wrong nutsack, full of government $CUM, and the new administration looked him in the eye and said, “No, you cough.”

Unless he cooperates, he will be prosecuted and his company liquidated. He may be threatened with treason, which is not really a charge you want to catch, even if you’re rich. It would have been the first time Kenny was worried, remember how he looked and acted at the testimony in February? I think that’s been his face since December.

Shorts and longs will not be bailed out, they have to fight it out in the market (including social media), but there are some specific rules for each side.

Rules for the Goods: Buy pressure must come from retail, and, crucially, they cannot sell.

A war between Citadel and institutions is going to look really fucking suspicious, and there is already a cohort of Diamond hands on reddit that is super committed. Longs will engage their shills to manipulate reddit in the direction of buying and holding. It is no coincidence that Diamond Hands is the meme that has lasted all the way to the end. Longs need our diamond hands, and their Good Shills have been our guides.

Rules for the Bads: Citadel gets to keep up its old tricks for as long as it wants. In fact, it is forced to. The shadier their actions, the more diamond hands will bond together into a diamond community, so it’s actually a handicap.

Good Shills can exploit this by slowly leaking accurate information about what’s going on to keep forging those diamond hands.

Bad Shills can also exploit this, by spreading FUD disguised as DD.

Remember, government is a Good, meaning they want us to win even if it’s for their own reasons. Citadel is given an incentive to play along, though, because Ken is still holding the nuts and the market can’t be overtly manipulated. So they make him a deal.

“If you can exit your short position before we can get regulations in place protecting the economy, then we will just liquidate your company and let you retire. If we get them in place first, we will initiate a controlled squeeze, liquidate you and every one of your affiliated institutions, and make you sleep in Harvey Weinstein’s bunk for the rest of your life…with Harvey in it.”

This is a perfect example of what I mean by “the Goods are aligned with us but not on our side.” Bureaucrats are pragmatic, and frankly do not believe retail deserves to get rich or even really be in the market. But, diamond hands are forcing their play here.

They are not trying to get this thing to $10m, they are trying to control everything, including the squeeze. In this case, I genuinely believe they are trying to keep things calm and stable, and I think the appointments and regulations we have seen coming out bolster this theory.

Rules for Both: MSM and all usual channels of misinformation and influence are available to all parties. Sometimes it’s the Bads, sometimes it’s the Goods, but it’s all meant to concentrate more and more retail shares in the hands of Apes. This is very important, because Apes mostly talk about Citadel manipulating media, but once you realize everyone is in the game the massive amounts of coordination start to make sense. I believe the Goods have controlled the media not to fool Apes but to keep paperhanded normies from falling into Kenny’s traps. They are fine painting us as crazy, but it’s not personal.

Neither can reveal the game overtly. Because these are all lawyers, moguls, and criminals, they constantly push at the edges of this, but so far the game has remained secret because it’s in everyone’s best interest. This means that they will both employ shills, and since this is the biggest game of all time we should assume that each side has tens of thousands of shill accounts at their disposal.

The game is set, all the way back in 2019. Up to this point, I don’t think Ryan Cohen is even a twinkle in Blackrock’s eye.

January 2020 (Catalyst 2)

The pandemic. This is really where this theory comes together, I think.

At this point I don’t think Kenny G has overshorted the stock by an abnormal amount, probably the 112% or so figure that was getting thrown around in January (correct me if I’m wrong).

Then the pandemic hit, the government injects unlimited free money into the economy (meaning they gave it to Wall Street to gamble with), and word on the street is that retail stores are doomed. Kenny puts two and two together and sees a trillion.

With friendly regulators, an orchard of money trees, and the pandemic wiping out companies with large retail footprints, Kenny goes all in and starts printing synthetic shorting like the Fed prints money. Quantitative Shorting. Since Kenny is forced to keep playing, he decides to see just how far he can push rehypothecation, dark pools, and all the other shenanigans revealed in the Good DD.

This is what Michael J Burry was warning everyone about. Yet again, he saw what was going on and thought nobody else did. This time, though, he wasn’t first. I don’t think the SEC visited him and threatened him, I think they visited him and explained to him what was going on. I think once this all was explained, Burry deleted his Twitter so that his posts couldn’t be used as part of FUD campaigns. He strikes me as someone who doesn’t want to be involved.

This is a perfect storm, and Kenny G was just psychotic enough to exploit it. But, he made a big BIG BIG fucking mistake. He didn’t just bet his money, he bet everyone’s money.

What do you think a mobster would do if he gave you $200k to buy him a lambo and you lost it all betting horses? Kenny G did that to the government and his Wall Street buddies to the tune of billions. Then the political and regulatory environment shifted out from under his feet.

Buckle up cowboy, it’s a long ride to Gitmo.

But that’s only if he loses, and he can’t possibly lose a bet like this right? Wrong, because of u/DeepFuckingValue and Ryan Cohen.

December 2020 (Catalyst 3)

Suddenly in December, Ryan Cohen comes out of retirement and buys 9m shares of Gamestop, promoting a transformative agenda for the company and giving them a personal financial lifeline that takes pressure off their debt load, at least publicly. They may or may not have known who the snakes in the grass were, but they had to know Citadel was employing insiders. By extending RCV credit to Gamestop, there was no longer a credible reason to just let the company slide toward default.

I believe Blackrock recruited Cohen and they hatched this plan together.

So Blackrock recruits Ryan Cohen to initiate a friendly takeover of GME, with the genuine intention of saving it from bankruptcy. Not because they love it, but because doing so takes away most of the shorts’ power. Particularly because of the difference between the real shares owned by Blackrock and Cohen and the massive amounts of synthetic shorts on Citadel’s books.

In many ways, Blackrock is the first Ape because they tried to save GME the legit way, by HODLing for value and supporting the company. I happen to believe they were inspired by u/DeepFuckingValue.

Cohen is the third catalyst to disrupt Kenny’s play, and the first orchestrated by longs. The war between Goods and Bads is on, and the battlefield is now the real shares in circulation. We all know where those are!

January 2021 – Present: The Proxy War

If you look at everything that has happened with Ryan Cohen and Gamestop, something stands out. Every action he has taken has been to concentrate real shares in the hands of Goods and Apes.

  • He bought 9m shares
  • He has consistently encouraged and signaled to Apes that hodling is the way
  • He canceled outstanding share bonuses from, shall we say, sketchy executives
  • His ally Kurt Wolf maneuvered the sale of 770,000 shares without having to file an SEC report

I think Kurt Wolf’s sale marks a turning point in the game, and it’s backed up by my research into Good Shill activity during the proxy war. I’m still not sure how to post that research without targeting innocent users, so I’m going to have to just ask you to trust me. I will work with mods to verify if they are interested. Just ask yourself where those 770,000 real shares might have gone if it wasn’t to Kenny.

The main point is this: I think that between the mini-squeeze in January and the beginning of April the proxy war was in full swing. All of our guiding DD has been produced and marketed by shills during this time. There is Good DD and Bad DD guiding us right now. Again, this is a moment where at least for the moment I have to keep my research to myself. I will work with mods to verify if they are interested.

  • Anyway, if you think about what’s happened up until the past week with this theory in mind, you will start to see the patterns emerging. Things will start to make sense that did not.
  • Why SEC quiet?
  • Why we can see illegal activity every day and nobody cares?
  • How come Burry deleted his Twitter?
  • Why are Cohen/Gamestop talking to us so much?
  • Why do our forums keep funneling toward only the most diamond-handed Apes?
  • How has Buy and Hodl survived this long, outlasting every other icon and meme we’ve seen the past few months?

Last Friday, 4/16, everything changed. I think the information in the following posts points to why. This quote is very interesting:

My conjecture is that in an ideal world, SR-OCC-2021-004 is the key piece to get into place to re-define the liquidation of failing members. But we may now be pushing up against the calendar and RC, GME, and BR may be forced to play their cards rather than wait.

April 5

April 20

I think SR-OCC-2021-003 and SR-OCC-2021-004 are the lynchpins. The controlled squeeze relies on these to be in place. The wargame allows Kenny to fuck with them, so he gets Susquehanna to object to 003 and it’s pushed out to possibly May 31. Here’s the status as of 4/20,

r/Superstonk - The GME Wargame: A New Theory of Everything (My Final DD) 💗🦍🐒🚀🚀🚀

April 2021

Things were ramping up toward these two weeks for a long time. How old is superstonk again?

Anyway, the Goods funneled us and funneled us, and as they did more and more shills joined us as well. Like I said, I believe there are thousands if not tens of thousands of shill accounts at the ready. Assume it’s unlimited for all intents and purposes. If they want something crushed or promoted, it will be hard for Apes to stop them.

But there are Good Shills and Bad Shills, if there weren’t I think we would have been overwhelmed. How better to hide a sudden flood of accounts joining a sub? Move 100k people at a time.

I think the Good Shills have been winning the war for the Apes. I also think we have one last boss to fight. It’s not Citadel shorts. It’s the MOAFUD.

I think ever since 003 got delayed, the Goods realized they wouldn’t be able to control a squeeze this week. I fully believe Cohen wanted it to be 4/20 and nobody else cared so they set that date. Then 003 got delayed. This fucked the Goods in a couple of ways that had Kenny laughing:

  1. The Goods’ whole gameplan was disrupted, including weeks of subtle communication that something big was brewing and it would happen around 4/20. They had pumped Apes up and now had to manage expectations and get them to diamond hand through some turbulence.
  2. If Blackrock was going to recall their shares in early May, I don’t know that they can now. If they margin call Kenny without 003 and 004 in place, the Goods lose control of the squeeze.

Kenny doesn’t care because he’s fucked anyway, he just wants to win the last game he’s ever going to play. Or is it? I wonder if he isn’t trying to get them to change the rules. I think he’s running two plays right now:

  1. Bad Shills are preying on the negative sentiment created by the Bad DD. Pump and dumps, changing retirement accounts, FOMO FUD, etc. All of it is to shake and rattle those diamond hands. Smarter apes than me will have to figure out these connections.
  2. Disrupt the plans for a controlled squeeze, hoping that will scare the Goods into a new, more favorable deal.

The Goods immediately laid the groundwork to counter both of these plays a couple of weeks ago, and last Friday they initiated a coordinated campaign to prepare Apes for the Endgame.

The Past Three Weeks

  • Gamestop starts releasing good news regularly
  • They start sending coded messages to Apes via daily ads, custom product orders, and social media
  • Ryan Cohen shifts the annual meeting to create a 42069 pattern.
  • The first bespoke product, the banana kitty, had a delivery date of 4/20.
  • Several regulations were put in place or activated the past two weeks.
  • The stock contains new patterns, volume dries up, the shorts seem to only be fighting half heartedly, and it moves sideways day in and day out.
  • The Goods begin to slowly unravel things in a controlled way. Archegos falls, and they contain the fallout. Charges start to be filed. Whistleblower announcements increase. Apes are getting fucking STOKED.
  • Mood on r/GME is mixed, though, because of a depressing and scary DD that comes out at the same time
  • Five days later, we are all on Superstonk

Endgame: 4/17 and Beyond

Based on my analysis of the Good and Bad shilling that’s been happening, I believe the Endgame looks like this:

The Bads are

  • About to spring a big trap on us. I don’t think it will be something we have seen before. Remember, we are playing perhaps the biggest game in the history of the world.
  • Trying to get you to paperhand and otherwise give them your money, particularly in launderable assets like crypto
  • Trying to get you to buy into compromised securities so when the market crashes you suffer. I think these ETF/401k things are motivated purely by Kenny’s revenge. Remember, he knows retail destroyed his life. Don’t think he won’t try to fuck you back on his way out.

The Goods are:

  • Trying to warn us about the trap
  • Trying to communicate the story I am telling in this DD as openly as they can
  • Trying to manage our expectations about the size of the squeeze

Kenny’s endgame is to scam us all out of our shares and into complex schemes. Who knows what he’s got next. He knows this is his last game, and he is going to give it all he’s got.

Blackrock’s endgame is to keep the Apes hanging on long enough to defeat Kenny. They’re cool saving the world, but they are really motivated by revenge.

The government’s endgame is to get out of this mess as cheaply as possible and never let anyone know what really happened (oops sorry lol)

MOASS Expectations

A lot of people lately have been talking about managing expectations for the squeeze the past four days. I don’t think they are necessarily Bad Shills.

I want to be clear, I think the squeeze is somewhat out of their control and it’s a precarious game. Kenny is trying his best to get everyone to paperhand, so Bad Shills are also spreading low ceiling FUD. Good Shills would like the squeeze to be reasonable, too, so they are pushing higher but still low ceilings.

I believe this is an intentional shift, and that Goods have been pushing the $10m floor and “xxx is holding for x” memes in order to maintain enthusiasm among the Apes during the stock’s flat periods and in response to the 004 delay. Stasis can equal boredom and a loss of focus, so distract the Apes with big dreams and banner contests while you figure out your endgame strategy. Idle diamond hands are the Kenny’s playground.

However, there is someone on the Apes’ side: Ryan Cohen.

Ryan Cohen’s endgame is to pull off the greatest magic trick in business history, a legendary response to a legendary opportunity that will be hard to top. He definitely wants us to be rich. Maybe just not drain the world’s treasuries rich. More like divide up the treasure from the dragon we defeated, with maybe a small kickback from the rest of the townsfolk as well.

When Bezos is flying to the moon on his rocket, everyone will just be asking whether the rocket can play video games on the GME Platform like their Teslas do. That’s what Ryan wants.

Communicating the DD

This is a section I can only give general ideas in, because I’m trying not to involve people without their consent. True, I believe they are shills, but I’m not willing to accept the consequences of being wrong. If you read the next section, you will understand how they want us to distinguish between friendlies and enemies.

I think I’m giving you the full picture that they aren’t allowed to outright say in this DD.

I also think it’s been happening IRL as well, which I can talk about. Let’s look at the past four days:

  • Blackrock CEO says on television there is no value in the market. Remember, this dude is out to fuck Kenny.
  • Bank CEO accused of fraud, another hedge fund liquidated. I think this is part of the slow unraveling that the Goods are orchestrating to control market damage. If they can unravel enough, maybe they don’t have to worry about the magnitude of the squeeze any more and can just let it happen. It’s the anti-Kenny play.

Trying to Warn Us About the Trap

It has become important for the Goods to keep the Apes together longer than they expected. I think they know that Kenny has one big play left, and that it is going to come from within. The Goods need us to be able to find the Bad Shills, because shill on shill combat doesn’t work. The Apes, as usual, have a role to play.

I think that is why last week (mostly Friday), all of the following happened:

  • u/pinkcatsonacid blew her diamond whistle and released the audio recording as proof
  • The Shill-Hunting Dog appeared and was everywhere
  • The u/TheGoombler appeared from 4chan to warn us that shills were everywhere and far more embedded than we think.
  • u/rensole boosted The BIZnessman’s post and begged people to take it seriously. He used the artificial growth numbers from WSB>GME>SS as evidence. Remember what I said about shills hiding themselves in mass migrations? That goes for Good Shills and Bad Shills alike.

Someone is slapping us over the head with this message and giving us the tools to do it.

I encourage you to really study the information in those posts and put it into practice. The second link is a text based version of the image in the first. I think all six of the main techniques are used to varying degrees by Good and Bad Shills. Remember, you are the battleground so Goods don’t mind manipulating you. The difference is, they will tend toward manipulating positive emotions to counter the negative emotions of Bad FUD.

At this point the most important thing is to look for the people who routinely make you feel good and help you, and those who make you feel bad, yell at you, or mock you. Differentiate between those who serve others and those who serve themselves. Be skeptical of upvotes and awards. 20k shills can make anything look popular and important. Finally, look for those who are closest to diamond hands in their advice and analysis.

I’ll end this section with the simplest advice I can think of from a couple of quotes I’ve seen recently.

“Look for the helpers. You will always find people helping.”

– Mr. Rogers

“Be friendly, help others!

as always we are here from all different walks of life and all different countries.

This doesn’t matter as we are all apes in here, and apes are friends.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a silverback a chimp or a bonobo.

We help each other, we care for each other.

Ape don’t fight ape, apes help other apes

this helps us weed out the shills really fast, as if everyone is helpful, the ones who aren’t stand out.”

– A crayon-eating ape I saw at the world’s most beautiful zoo


Again, nothing in my post should be assumed to accuse anyone of anything. I have drawn my own conclusions and I encourage you to do the same.

To me, none of this changes anything about what we should do. Buy and hold with diamond hands. The ultimate diamond hands isn’t logging off so the shills can’t get to you. We would miss you. I would miss you.

The ultimate diamond hands is staying here and acting Apely, listening to those who are trying to help us reach our goal and protecting one another from those who bring negativity or mean us harm.

Remember, there are a lot fewer of us here than we think, but we are in control of a key aspect of one of the greatest economic stories of all time. Thanks to DFV for starting us down this road, and thanks for being so excellent that I wanted to stick around.

I love you Apes. I will be with you to the moon and back again.

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