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If you do not recognize the title of this post, I highly encourage you to read what came before, as the material contained within this DD is a direct follow-up to The Castle of Glass. It’ll make what comes next far easier to understand, as this shit runs deeper than Kenny G’s rectum after the pounding he’s taken over the last 9 months.

GC1 –

Where in GC1, I described to you the ‘what’, this follow-up is here to show you the ‘how’. The former was insightful in providing us with the general direction that the company has been heading towards. A solution that would not only eradicate those who made the greatest mistake in shorting the company but nearly every other financial entity that played their role in it.

Yet, understanding the solution is only half of the equation. Make it through to the end and you’ll see why I waited 2 whole-ass months to drop this thermonuclear watery shitfart on these Shortbus scumSo fasten those fkn helmet belts and unbutton your nip pouches. Where GC1 is me to my wife, what comes next, is most certainly her boyfriend.Phase I – The Foundation

In asking how RC and Co plan to execute their order 66, you must first understand why any of the following is even worth considering. In doing so, we have to take a look back to and see precisely what they did and why it worked for them. Not from my own words, but those of the CEO of the company, Robert Byrne and Dale Kimball the judge who dictated the ruling in the company’s favor in regard to their blockchain-based dividend that squeezed their own company.

In 2017, Byrne held a live presentation discussing the functionalities of Blockchain and why it prevails over the dumpster fire we currently call our stock market. This fucker was onto something…but just how much was he onto? After watching the whole presentation there are two specific moments in which he explains just this.

12:00 min mark: in his discussion of the DTCC and an entity known as Cede and Co, he asks the crowd to raise their hand if they own any stock in a publicly-traded company in America. A rhetorical question, to which he follows up by stating the following:

“All of us with our hands up are incorrect. none of you actually own any stock, you legally do not own any stock, I’m going to show you what you own. All of the shares are owned by a company no one’s ever heard of, they own 98% of the corporate stock. They generate a share entitlement, basically what a casino would call a marker, what you and I would call an IOU”. He compares the stock to a polaroid, “you put the stock here, you take a photo and we trade the polaroid.

Here’s a frame by frame of the chart he uses, broken down into 4 segments as to how this process proceeds. Follow 1-4. Don’t judge my fkn arrows, 15 attempts each to get those right.

r/DDintoGME - The Glass Castle - New Game +
  1. Creation of the entitlement of the OG share, i.e IOU.
  2. Movement of IOU into the DTCC and the exchange process between funds and the IOUs.
  3. Distribution to clearing brokers (yellow circles), he states is, “directly plumbed to the DTCC. Besides them, there are about 3,500 other firm brokers plumbed into them”. “You have a hub and spoke system where spokes become the hubs of new spokes”.
  4. He then states, “these share entitlements are scattered through the system and there isn’t a 1:1 relationship between the share entitlements and the underlying shares, and that’s what I freaked out about 12 years ago. Its fractional reserve banking without a reserve requirement”

Let’s all take a moment of silence to look at that last picture. That’s our market. Right now. The dumpster fire. Visualized. Lmao and they think we’re idiots. That shit show circus carnival is so ridiculously convoluted, it’s no wonder why it’s been so easy for them to get away with their fuckery for decades within it.

Above, he brings attention to the problem. Shortly after, he discusses the solution. This is where shit gets interesting. ALSO, before some dingle comments some headass shit about it lol, coins =/= NFTs, the only link they share is the Blockchain platform they run on, as discussed next.

A platform he describes as allowing, “peer-to-peer value-exchange, without central institutions, disrupting the central institutions doing it for us now and adding TRUST into the equation”

17:30 min mark – He describes the alternative to the current dumpster fire, through the utilization of a hardware wallet-based ledger, which adds a new level of security in protecting your assets and keeping fuckery at bay. The concept is explained below, but HODL onto it for later as it’s going to play a fat dicken role when we get to NFTittiesssss.

  1. He notes it as being “cryptographically protected, as well as public and transparent.”. In the act of settlement, money acts as coins on the ledger and the stock becomes diff kinds of assets on that ledger.
  2. In proceeding with the transaction, you take the currency, w/e it may be, from the boomer (left) and exchange it with an asset from the Chad (right).
r/DDintoGME - The Glass Castle - New Game +

Damn..doesn’t that seem a metric fuckton of a lot easier than that circus shitshow carnival displayed above? It’d be a real tragedy for anyone who profits dearly off the current dumpster fire’s fuckery, if a company were to take this to the next level…

  • To further validate the efficiency of this system, Byrne further states the following, “And there are no opportunities for mischief. Imagine a version of wall street that can’t be cheated, that all kinds of mischief that people have gotten up to can’t even be done in this world. A version of WS governed not just by regulators, but by laws of mathematics and cryptography. A friend of mine said they’ll have to come up with a new name for it, ‘lols’”.

Phase II – A Historical Precedent

We’ve discussed the CEO, now comes the court filing and the response given by the Judge. Credit for discovering the video I’ve described above and the following information goes to u/Minuteman_Capital. He encountered a similar level of suppression when releasing this insight 2 months back, to GC1. Within his post, he provides the direct court filings which substantiate the precedence for the ruling decided in Overstock’s favor. But truly you must see the words of the judge for yourself to believe this shit.

Here are the 4 counts filed against overstock which would later be dismissed by the judge –

r/DDintoGME - The Glass Castle - New Game +


Full case documentation:

Minuteman_Capital’s translation (Critical to note he states that he is not giving any form of financial advice, is not a registered securities agent of any kind, nor is this any form of legal advice).

r/DDintoGME - The Glass Castle - New Game +
  • Personally, it reads pretty damn similar to his breakdown. One thing I specifically want you to pay attention to is the final statement I underlined in red, in regard to the Judge’s statement higher up. That part is critical to keep in mind, as it provides solid backing into how GME is very likely able to substantiate their own move with a similar approach.

At this point, you should have a decent understanding of the Foundation that yeets us to the next dimension, as well as the Precedent to execute such a move. In phase III we will be discussing the method of execution. *If you made it this far…*well first, I’m proud of u :’), secondly, hold onto ur fkn helmets cuz shit is about to get wild AF.Phase III-a: D.A.O-NFTs

Many of you may already know what NFTs are but here’s a refresher, and another concept that is absolutely critical for you to keep in mind and understand, known as DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). Why do you need to know both of these? Because they are directly linked to one another, and the first part of the answer we’re looking for.

(I’m directly highlighting shit from this fantastic fuckin page and I have no desire for redundancies. Also, this saves word count for me #finesse)

NFTs and DAOs for Ape level comprehension –

r/DDintoGME - The Glass Castle - New Game +

Seriously…read that shit if you just skipped down to this paragraph lol. Continuing…now that you understand the link between these two, the question begs, what in cinnamon toast fuck am I getting onto?Phase III-b

To answer this, I need to provide some insight into a company a few of you may have heard about already, known as Loopring, which is known as “An open-sourced, audited, and non-custodial exchange and payment protocol.

r/DDintoGME - The Glass Castle - New Game + the above in mind, I’m going on a slight detour that is essential to discuss, it will all tie back in VERY soon

Well fuck me over and call me Kenny G..**you don’t say….**You know..this kind of rings a fat fucking bell, what was that prospectus statement I described in The Glass Castle OG post?.. Link to Prospectus: – Beginning at page 15

r/DDintoGME - The Glass Castle - New Game +

**Oh boy…*so the NEW dealer can resell the NEWLY ISSUED series of securities, for which there is NO currently established market. Well isn’t that something…b/c last I checked…*LOOPING isn’t just some company capable of doing literally this…they’re quite literally THE company that has direct links to Gamestop. THE company for which Gamestop is likely planning to utilize in its release of an NFT marketplace.

Phase III-b continued

Don’t believe me? Peep this fuckin glorious ape’s post I caught wind of a few days back…

u/Comprehensive_Hawk19 **- “**I can see a link that may indicate that Gamestop do plan to release an NFT marketplace on Loopring. I stumbled across the ENS domain gamestop.loopring.eth”

**“**The controller of this domain is the contract 0x269635DF1C17f24e15E27786f0C28C3DD409B3D2”

***“***The only transaction sent to this smart contract wallet is from0x381636d0e4ed0fa6acf07d8fd821909fb63c0d10 (Owned by Matt Finestone, Head of Blockchain at Gamestop) on 27th May 2021. (Well after he moved from Loopring to GameStop)”

r/DDintoGME - The Glass Castle - New Game +

u/Comprehensive_Hawk19 you are a fucking G of an ape, I commend your work, sir. Well done..and apes, you didn’t think I just threw in that D.A.O – NFT connection for shits and giggles did ya? Well, guess what type of classification Loopring also falls under**? Decentralized. Autonomous. Organization.** But I fancy more evidence. So how about we go to an entity that many of you would least expect to further validate this information? That’s right. The fuckin S E C. In my search to learn more about resecuritization, I would stumble across this page Statement on Digital Asset Securities Issuance and Trading and within the source list, find the following document

What is this dickslappin page? The holy. Fuckin. Grail. It’s an 18 pg document discussing an investigation on one of the very first D.A.O entities, literally called The D.A.O*.* Though now defunct due to an ‘attacker’ utilizing an error in the code to siphon money out of the crowd-funded company (**willing to bet this was done by none other than the fucboys currently deep in shit water..**lol that’s just me though), these funds would be returned to the original investors via a ‘hard-fork’.

Fewer retard words, more tit slapping evidence though. After going through the entire document, here are a couple statements you’ll find interesting –
r/DDintoGME - The Glass Castle - New Game +

We aren’t looking at this shit because of the crowd-sourced company called The D.A.O in the discussion here, but instead, the premise behind its concept. The same fuckin premise which current D.A.Os are founded upon…literally go back up and read them again and compare if you need to. Only difference?

The concept is being validated by the dingleberries that ‘regulate’ our market. Also, notice any terms I talked about in Phase I? How about the utilization of a fkn LEDGER? Yeah…I told you that fucker Byrne was onto something..but..

I came here for another reason. At the very bottom of the paper document, Section D, which discusses the qualifications for an exchange that is separate from that of ‘stock exchanges’ we know of currently.

Section 3(a)(1) of the Exchange Act defines an “exchange” as “any organization, association, or group of persons, whether incorporated or unincorporated, which constitutes, maintains, or provides a marketplace or facilities for bringing together purchasers and sellers of securities or for otherwise performing with respect to securities the functions commonly performed by a stock exchange as that term is generally understood … .” 15 U.S.C. § 78c(a)(1).

r/DDintoGME - The Glass Castle - New Game +

So, how many coincidences is it going to take this time? 6? 9? 69? Let’s throw in one last thing. One last part. You’re almost done, and so are they. There remains only one last thing.

The thermonuclear dickslap of a move across any shortbus hedgefund and Co member out there, priority-mailed directly by Gamestop’s excellent delivery services.

Phase IV – The Fragmented Castle. 7 4 1

Everything I’ve shown you thus far has led to this final phase. The final act. The answer which I believe has been staring us in our face, as to how it all goes down. In part 1, I left you apes with a statement as follows – “simplicity…simplicity in a complex situation, is leaving the complex situation entirely. Their system and all of its cracks, cannot be unseen, nor undone. To replace a system that is so evidently flawed with its complexities requires a simple solution*, leaving it behind entirely, and creating something new.*

If you noticed this, then the immediate question to ask is how does one simply leave a rigged game?

The answer has been in front of us for so long. The same way the zombie stocks had been, yet we apes forgot how to do simple math. What I show you from here, I leave to each and every one of you to decide what you believe**.** How many coincidences does it take, before what you see, is no longer such a thing?

So I offer you the insight brought forth to me by an ape that played a pivotal part in deducing the following, all I did was follow his trail. That number isn’t a date. It isn’t some ruling. It isn’t anything other than a simple equation.

721 + 20 = 741. Let’s rewrite that one more time… erc721 + erc20 = 741. The equation equivalent to Anti-lifethat is…of every single short-sided entity**.** The bridge that gaps between this market..and the next. Apes and apettes, the Castle of Glass does not simply disappear. No, I’d argue…when it comes crashing down, that it shatters into millions of pieces*.* Millions of fragments.

A concept that is an F-NFT. The fractionalization of Non-Fungible Tokens.

In their prospectus filing GME states that if the entities that were positioned in completing their role as depository failed at their task, they would issue new global security. Singular global security retaining the value of the entire float**.** Condensed down into a singular conduit. One such as erc721.

Why erc721 though? I’d argue…because it IS the bridge. This singular, novel, global security…retaining the entire value of the float is the security existing on a new game. One distanced from the fuckery and manipulation running deep through the veins of the current market as we know it.

But equating the float to singular global security begs the question. How would you redistribute such a thing? Resecuritization, tokenization, and most importantly…fractionalization of erc721 smart contracts into derivatives, in a sense. Fragmenting this NFT into an equivalent amount of erc20 tokens**.** Each is unique and unlike any other. Holding the ability to be more than just a dividend. Holding true…real value. The value can be utilized for so much more. Limits uncapped. But alas, my word is only just that. Mere words. I encourage you to see for yourself.


r/DDintoGME - The Glass Castle - New Game +
r/DDintoGME - The Glass Castle - New Game +

What kind of entities holds the power to execute such a move?

r/DDintoGME - The Glass Castle - New Game +

That’s right, an entity such as Loopring. I’ll even go as far as saying that it doesn’t HAVE to be Loopring who acts as such a mediator in this move. Though the evidence is hard to ignore, the thing to realize is how this process occurs and which type of entities are capable of executing it**. D.A.Os,** specifically those which are A.M.Ms and thus fall under the A.T.S exemption, as per the S.E.C.

The king of 69D chess went as far as trapping this dipshit into a position he KNEW they would take. This is what the whole premise of the last prospectus was. Gametop knew that shortbus and Co would take the last 5 million share offering and utilize it for continued fuckery…instead of covering. The thing about those shares though? They came with some serious strings attached. Gamestop specifically stated that if and WHEN they decide to issue an alternative type of payment to their investors who bought those shares (principle, dividend, interest, etc)…that those would HAVE to be paid down the line. IF the respective entities FAILED at completing such a task, their actions will trigger GMEs trap card. I.e their ability to reissue global security equating to the entire float through another platform. A platform that need not have ANY ties to the current exchanges nor the fuckery within it.

The kind of global security could do such a thing? A smart contract such as erc721 can be fractionalized into TOKENS through a D.A.O Automated Market Maker. Once distributed, it would equate to the release of the thermonuke…one which the shorts set off themselves. A share recall to follow in suit, and a squeeze not ONLY on one market…but two.

The bridge between the old world and the new…but these aren’t my words, they’re his –

r/DDintoGME - The Glass Castle - New Game +

Let’s ask ourselves: “What has Ryan Cohen said, that has gotten an All star executive team from the world’s leading companies, a team of leading nft/defi/blockchain experts to drop everything they were doing without a second thought to work for Gamestop?” I know we’ve all asked ourselves this question many times over many months. Consider how stunning it can be how oblivious the outer world is to what is going on with GME, and let’s ask ourselves why would some of the most elite business executives and defi devs, on top of their respective sections of that outer world that is so oblivious, come to work for a company the outer world seems utterly certain will fail. Might it be that he described GMEs plans to pioneer the first major corporation moving its core business and downright equity securitization to blockchain/defi, which would irrevocably change the world forever and also probably trigger the short squeeze?

TL;DR This shouldn’t come as a surprise, the whole damn market is the Glass Castle, shit is cracking and the shattered fragments are those which rocket GMEs pass out of that corrupt, deceitful shithole and into the clean pastures of the ethereum blockchain. See y’all on the motherfucking moon.

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