Form 13H and why you need to know about it

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Once GME blows past $20 mil a share and you finally decide to trade in your moon ticket for tendies you will be classified as a Large trader and will have to file some stuff with the SEC.

“As provided in Rule 13h-1(a)(7), the identifying activity level means aggregate transactions in NMS securities that are equal to or greater than:

During a calendar day, either two million shares or shares with a fair market value of $20 million; or During a calendar month, either twenty million shares or shares with a fair market value of $200 million.”

If you sell more than $20 mil worth of GME in a day or $200 mil in a month you will have to file form 13h with the SEC. This post isn’t ment to tell you how to do it you should hire a professional to ensure it’s done correctly this is just meant as a notice to everyone here we will have to file with the SEC once the squeeze has squoze.

Edit: I wanted to add to file a 13H you need to file a form to gain credentials for the EDGAR system aka it’s not a simple process that you should try to do by yourself I’ll be hiring a lawyer to help me with this or at least help me know who I should hire. Also once you file you’ll be givin a Large Trader Identification Number (“LTID”) and will have to give this LTID to your broker to stay in compliance.

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