Don’t forget what they did. A running list of FUD.

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Apes have been through a lot these last few months. There is no end to hedge fuckery.

Below is a list of notable times they tried to FUD Apes out of their positions.

When it comes time to hold past 1K, 10K, 100K, 1M.

Remember this list.

Feel free to post additional examples and I will update.Cointelpro Techniques for Dilution, Misdirection, and Control of an Internet Forum

  • Remember these techniques are only effective if the forum participants DO NOT KNOW ABOUT THEM. “


Disrupted lines of communication

Fake Stock Pumps


DFV Lawsuit

WSB Mod Coup

Fake Stock Pumps

“January WAS the Squeeze”

Gamestop is a dying Brick and Mortar

When GME became Qanon

S3 Partners changed their formula for calculating Short Interest


Short ladder attacks

r/Superstonk - Don’t forget what they did. A running list of FUD.

All natty bro

Don’t forget the Media silence as GME ran up from $40. Then the media attack after the above drop

Pre-Planned FUD Articles

r/Superstonk - Don’t forget what they did. A running list of FUD.

Yes you can copy my homework but make sure you change it a little

DOMO Capital Exposes SA FUD Articles

Fake Stock Pumps

  • RKT – WSJ, “Move Over, Gamestop”

Paid Shills and Job Postings


Kenny G being a Weasel

Suze Orman – Don’t invest your stimmy in GME, buy tickets to the Bahamas like I did

Remember $SSR Spam?

Fake Whales

GAMESTOPPED – Studio quality FUD

“When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say”


GME Mod Removals and the Great Ape Migration

BEWARE of TAXES – Someone wanna remind these goofs that we’ve BEEN paying taxes?April

Matt Kohrs Banned from YouTube

RockGod banned from Twitter – Actually banned for an unrelated tweet

FoRgEt GaMeStOp

Pinning Market Manipulates on Apes

Influx of “Vote Now” posts

Motley Fool – Why are you so obsessed with me?

Fake Stock Pumps:

Melvin Capital

I****nvestor’s Business Daily

A reminder on “URGENT” posts

April 16th Hype – We know better by now than to pin our hopes on specific dates. A large portion of the FUD on this list was spread around target dates (Earnings, and March 19th for example)


Gamestop falls toward 6th straight decline

ACM Analyst – Gamestop will fade as digital downloads take over. New price target: $10

New CEO means a 15% drop

3 Robinhood Stocks with Most Projected Downside – Go ahead and guess


Organized protests? – As always, be wary of anyone trying to organize us as a group. We just like the stock.


We are not terrorists, we do not make threats – New FUDers are trying to organize Apes and push violent narratives. Report anyone that does this.

GME UP? MW sleep

GME still down 50%

YouTube Live Streamers – Great writeup here. Take each streamer with a grain of salt.


We’re creating our own FUD – Stay sharp, and don’t get sloppy! Stick to real DD grounded in solid data!

Award Comments as Intimidation


Trying to pay off Apes

Another one


Gamestop “Loses” CEO

Updated Shill tactics

Shills saying DFV and Cohen are communicating

Forum Sliding


The sub is a bit chaotic. Shill are out in full force. You know their tactics. You know the DD. If you need to, step away and come back.

New floor is… $5K? – Think about this. If $5k is the floor they want you to sell at, how high is the real floor?


Motley Fool no longer wants you to forget Gamestop


Day trading the squeeze


SEC Getting Involved FUD

Trying to organize Apes behind hashtagsMay


Switch brokerages to… Robinhood?!


Mayo? – Refer back to the Cointelpro forum sliding techniques. Shills are adapting the situation just as we are. Whatever starts to gain traction, it appears the shills ride the wave and add as much as they can to it in order to drown out the useful info.

Stay alert. We are not done yet.


Warden out as a mod


Glacier Capital doesn’t exist

Glacier Capital does exist?

Not sure what to make of this, but the whole thing stinks.


Melvin Closed out of short positions… again


Influx of XXXX holder posts – Careful of anything that attempts to divide apes. The top comment is a good breakdown of how FUD is being adapted.

I almost forgot the most important FUD: The EARLY SELL

As we get closer to the MOASS, they will try DESPERATELY to hype a low price point like $1,000 to scare you into paper handing.

Known FUDers

r/Superstonk - Don’t forget what they did. A running list of FUD.

Post any others and I’ll update

Edit: THANK YOU to all the Apes reaching out with additional examples. This is not done yet. Keep the receipts and I will continue to update this list.

Overwhelming list huh? Be sure to check out the Apes Guide to Counter-FUD

Don’t ever forget how hard they tried to get you to move on.

Think of how much they have spent trying to get you to sell. How much do the paid shills alone cost in total? How much is that worth to you?

If you’ll indulge me for a sec I just watched The Big Short for the 3rd time and I’m ready to move on so I think I’ll run Herb Brooks’ speech on repeat for the next 420 hours

“Great moments are born from great opportunity.”

They have the deep pockets.

They have the technology.

They have the experts.

They have the experience.

They have the resources.

And they’re still fucked.

9 out of 10 times, Wall Street wins. But not this time.

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